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Be heard: Complete your Community Survey and advocate for your child


“One of the largest concerns I have is not only the make-up of the Board, but the understanding of the diversity of students and their needs.  We have one (of 3) children who has special needs.  He is placed in SSN.  He requires one-on-one help in order to participate in any school-related activity.  I believe there are a number of other students in the same school (possibly 6 plus 2 more incoming) that also need this kind of support.  Does the school board even understand what special needs are, how these children are effected and what kinds of need for support, equipment, staffing, specialized programming is needed for the variety of student and their variety of needs?  My up front guess is "No".

Budget cuts are obviously necessary, but at the expense of what?  You have $1,000,000 slated for cutting from the Special Ed program this year.  More than any other single program and more than double many others.  I have to wonder why this is and how you intend to ADEQUATELY support our children with QUALIFIED caring staff.  This is the highest population of children you have that are most vulnerable and need the most patience and understanding.  How will they receive this with larger class sizes, less support, less staff?  How will they receive the skills you are MANDATED to assist with when you take so much from them?

I believe everyone who is making these decisions should actually SPEND TIME in a SSN classroom.  Visit the staff, individually ask them what their needs are to provide the best for the students that are in the greatest need in this district.  Be educated as the parents of special needs children attempt to be educated on all that effects their children, including the school board and budgetary issues.  We do our part.  Will you?

Want more education?  Need more understanding?  You are welcome in my home at any time to get a better understanding of what effects our youth.  For the record, I say this with 2 other neurotypical children that will be entering the district.  I am considering the population that will suffer the most from blind decision-making.  

Gina St. Aubin”

Yes, I signed the anonymous Community Survey.  Yes, I invited total strangers into my child’s classroom and into my home to discover first hand that which they may have no direct knowledge of.  Yes, I also did this without a full understanding of all that goes into the district.  Why?

Advocating for my son means educating myself and educating others.  If I don’t make the move to open the doors, question for the sake of knowledge while admitting my lack of understanding, how will I learn?  How will they?  How will my child ever benefit?

Most special needs parents don’t have a clear-cut understanding of school budget issues, I am one of them.  I am learning; I am forcing myself to learn because the staff that care for, educate and support my son and your daughter need us to.  I am educating myself and speaking out because my son has no voice to do this on his own.  I am his advocate.  If that means roaring when necessary, stepping in the mud, or admitting a weakness, that is what will be done.

If you’re a resident of Douglas County, please take the time to complete this Community Survey.  If you’re a parent, or resident, please make the time to attend tonight’s Community Forum.  

Need More Information: 
District Website with Flyer
Map to Rock Canyon High School
Report showing $1,000,000.00 reduction~
     go to District Site
     scroll to bottom to District Publications
     click on 2009 The ONE Report
     go to last page....
 Community Survey


  • Lissa 5 years ago

    Well said! I hope the more people stand up, the more change will occur.

  • Anonymous 5 years ago

    @mia, I hear you with this. I think the term "diversity" is still misunderstood. Good for you for stepping forward and actually extending the invitation. It would be nice if the complexity of it all were tied up into a nice bow. There are so many different variables and kudos to you for trying to understand the frustration of the system as well as your own. You are doing all the right things. You are a good mom, doing good work for your son and your community

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