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Be gentle with yourself, the changes are coming fast and hard

You can be out of balance for days, weeks, months, even years and having faith and finding support for yourself through others who love and being loving to yourself is essential. Spending some time in the light of nature and beautiful paintings and re-discovering that life is precious and that there is more to it than the material world and the woes and stress it brings.

Change takes time be gentle with yourself.
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Those mountains we have to climb are there to deepen us

You may want the changes to happen now but you will find that they all happen in good time, in your soul’s time. The creator who sent you here knows of your life’s lessons and what you are experiencing now is exactly what you need to be experiencing. Denying the possibilities and to keep looking backwards at ‘what was’ will only cause you more hardship, and take up room for the space of ‘new knowledge’ that needs to come in to your path.

Baby steps are the way to get started

Giant elephant steps in making great leaps and strides may very well be what you have in mind, but then you will find yourself bitter and disappointed; you are taking two steps back for every one step forward. Enjoy the view.

Take the time to bloom where you are planted

You have lived a life of experiencing false messages from people who didn’t know how to love, let alone were gentle on themselves. Those powerful messages may feel as I they are haunting you now, but it is only there for you to place on your board and do something about. Like, learning your hidden capabilities, this is the struggle and fear, more so than your difficulties you think you find yourself in.

Awareness is the first stage

For instance, would you like to stand on your own two feet and stop relying on those people who only abuse you in mentally and sometimes physically, each time you call on them? Would you like to change your body and how you perceive it? Stop smoking, moving, choosing to love only those who love you, or losing weight. Talking about wanting change in your life is only the seed being planted. How you nurture that seed to grow is the next step.

Ready, set, action

Nope, nagging someone else to make the healthy new foods you desire, or to switch off the unhealthy television shows that depress and negetize your mind is not the idea. This is you we are talking about. This stage can last weeks, months. Don’t be discouraged, don’t criticize yourself or others.

Your actions become habits

Being gentle with yourself, allows you to see the progress you have made. You are not ugly, fat or unloved in the world. But you have placed yourself in the position to be around people who magnetize these negative images to you. Changes are coming to move you into more. More love, more fulfillment, more joy and people who love you. Maybe the people, places and experiences around you before were only mirrors to you, mirroring back to you what was going on inside your own mind.

Your mind is changing, inner, which also changes the world around you, outer

You may think you are not physically able to make the changes. But you are, and they are happening to you like it or not. It may not be happening the way you had it planned exactly, but it’s happening just the same. Who said you were in control any way. We like to think we are the ones in control but there is a lot more to us, all of us than that.

Things happen in life that you can never anticipate

Life is hard. You may have to start all over again at a time when you and society say “you should have it made by now.” Don’t be so hard on yourself. You are a different kind of person. You have faith, you have to believe in yourself unquestionably. Your faith gives you patience and courage to win. Stay focused.

Did you grow up believing that if someone loved you, you would feel safe, worthy, lovable and happy

Forms of self-abandonment. Yes, it’s true that being loved by doting parents who role modeled themselves to you, and didn’t pass on their judgments and addictions to manage their feelings, to you, would go a long way. Love from another human being is the most wonderful thing, in parents and partners as we become adults.

Love for yourself is the foundation

Your sense of worth, safety and lovability, responsibility for you is all bound up in your sense of love for yourself. Human beings in your life, be it parents, friends or lovers and acquaintances, are all doing the best they can. They are on the same path, in different places, as you are.

Abandoning yourself with self-judgments, staying in your mind, taking care of others, or walking the line so that others will like you in return, getting angry when you don’t get the love you want or think you deserve, crying and being a victim as a form of control, using your addictions to control your illusions is a no win situation, that turns into a lifetime of unhappiness.

Realizing this will bring profound changes into your life

Realizing this can help you to be the one who is consistently, open, warm, caring, tender, compassionate and most of all gentle with yourself…and with others too. Your parents are not going to come back and make it alright for you and neither are bosses, lovers and so on. The love you need is right here, I am pointing to my heart, it’s where your spirit/soul dwells.

It’s a sacred treasure to take care of yourself, to be gentle with yourself and to love you.

Be gentle and pass it forward. Being gentle with yourself must come first. Learning this is the key to all of your relationships. When will you find the companion of your life? When you learn these lessons. Will you find a companion who is gentle too, you will find a companion who reflects your state of mind back to you. Change takes time be gentle with yourself.

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