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Be flexible in rescheduling

Everyone on the East coast has been snowed in so far this winter. Many are faced with snow days, no school, and the possibility of a short break. Everyone is getting on someone’s nerves. Many meetings have been scheduled this week, and because of weather, many meetings have been cancelled. It is terrible for all involved. Parents may have asked off from work and teachers may have done a lot for these meetings that may have to happen later. All team members are faced with this change in schedules.

It is hard for all involved. Parents may be unable to find time in work schedules to now get the time off especially if they have had to take time off of work because of the weather. Teachers and other team members often plan for these meetings for months and rescheduling means trying to fit all of the meetings into the deadlines that the laws set.
It is a stressful time for everyone.

All parties need to be flexible. Maybe a boss is willing to let you switch hours for the week or teachers can stay longer. It is possible that some work for the draft document can get done via communication by email. This could potentially save time when the whole team comes together. We should always be thinking outside the box on what to do, but especially so in times like this. Try putting yourself in the other’s shoes. Understanding can do a long way.

Start a dialogue on the phone or by email. Approach the idea of the schedule change calmly. Know that no one person is responsible for the delay due to weather and face it head on as a team for the benefit of the student.

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