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Be fashionable with new Shatush Ombré hair extensions

So.Cap. Original USA Shatush Ombre Hair Extensions
Photo By: So.Cap. Original Hair Extensions USA

So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions offer the latest style trends with new two-toned blends

So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions is now offering the latest trend in hair fashion artistry with their new Shatush line. Shatush features Ombré hair extensions with natural looking haircolor gradations in keratin tip bonds. Now, you can achieve color dimension through hair extensions along with length and volume! Keratin tipped bi-color hair extensions come in 20” strands in packs of 25. These hair extensions may also be dyed to perfectly custom match your haircolor. Shatush comes in a straight texture with an array of haircolor choices including chestnut to light golden, light chestnut to light blonde, light chestnut to platinum blonde, light golden to golden, light blonde to golden-golden, golden-golden to light ultra-blonde, mahogany chestnut to light copper blonde, black to light copper blond and black to bordeau red. Fantasy haircolor shades include light ultra-blonde blending to red, orange, violet or blue and black blending to red, violet or blue.

Ombré Hairstyling Trends: Ombré hair extensions mimic the way summertime hair is bleached by the sun. They offer a low maintenance hairstyle that gives a casual, bohemian look perfect for both young and older women. Carlos Collazo, educator and hairstylist for So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions shares, “Hair extensions will help any woman achieve the latest looks. Ombrés continue to be a popular trend and will give a fresh, edgy look. Ombrés should blend in subtly towards the tip, with a gradual dropping of color. Ombré hair extensions can be worn in small pockets or all over for a dramatic effect. For a small pocket of ombré, have your hairstylist apply hair extensions just behind one or both of your ears. When your hair is worn over the shoulder, you can really see the pop of haircolor! Smaller microbonds can be placed near the crown of your head for the ombré to more gradually ease in to the rest of the hair.”

Ombré hair extension styles can feature a smooth transition from a darker root to a lighter tip or go from a blonde root to a vibrant haircolor. Extensions may also be dyed to create a smooth blend into your natural haircolor. Ombrés are perfect for women who want an unconventional look but don’t want to commit to a certain haircolor shade or who just want a fun, temporary look. Collazo says, “With extensions, your haircolor can be completed much more quickly than by having traditional highlights or dimensional color. Hair extensions are a much easier way to color the hair than with chemical processing and are much healthier for the hair. The Ombré hair extensions also offer a form of haircolor that does not require frequent touch-ups and is really low maintenance.”

Hair Extension Options: Popular new hairstyle trends include wavy hair with a very natural, carefree style. Collazo notes, “To instantly add new volume to your hair, have your stylist add hair extensions just below the crown at the back of your head. Choose a thicker hair extension, which will add body and fullness from underneath your natural hair. You can also select wavy hair extensions to add to the disheveled look.” Collazo also creates bangs with microbonds, quartering an extension to form small pieces and applying them close to the scalp. Collazo also offers a technique for women who may not be able to afford a full head of keratin bond extensions, combining adhesive sticker extensions with bonded pieces. He says, “To be cost effective, ask for our AdHEXive tape hair extensions in combination with keratin bonds. Have your hairstylist use the sticker hair extensions at the back of your head and place the keratin bond extensions on the sides, crown or forehead. As the side hair will be naturally thinner, the keratin bonds will be less noticeable there and you can still pull the hair back or style naturally. The adhesive tape bonds placed at the back of the head will blend in well and provide added volume.”

Discover Beauty You Will Believe In! For more information on So.Cap. Original USA Hair Extensions or for a free consultation, call 305-573-0901, email, or visit If in Florida, visit their main office and showroom at 201 South Biscayne Boulevard, 28th Floor, Miami FL 33131 USA

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