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Be Cool, Not Cruel is the Program Most Requested

Benny teaches that everone deserves a chance
Benny teaches that everone deserves a chance

One presentation leads to another and another. It started slowly. Just a presentation on anti-bullying through the eyes of the dogs, celebrating that all dogs are different, all dogs have challenges, all dogs are special. A simple concept, right?

But when presented to first and second grade children it is powerful.

So powerful that the Love Dog "Be Cool, Not Cruel" program has been requested over and over again for Las Vegas schools.

What makes it work?

What makes the children understand the difference between teasing and bullying?

What makes the children understand what it means to be a friend?

What makes the children want to be kind and gentle around the dogs, and to each other?


All of the Love Dogs who participate in this unique program are Pet Partner therapy dogs and have something special about them that you cannot see just by looking at them.

The children learn about rescue and how old dogs can be great dogs but often thrown aside

The children learn that some dogs or breeds are just not for everyone but there is always the right family for them.

The children learn that dogs learn differently, as children do, and it is our responsibility to uncover how they learn best: with sound, signal, slower pace or faster pace.

The children learn that dogs have feelings and people feel things deeply.

The children learn to look beyond what someone or some dogs look like and the biggest dog may be the shiest and the teeny tiny dog may be the bravest.

The children learn to look at one another differently as they are all unique and deserving of respect and kindness and friendship and patience.

A simple concept.

A powerful message.

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