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Be comfortable, calm and quiet

Spirit always sees both sides; the challenge and the opportunity
Spirit always sees both sides; the challenge and the opportunity
Photo courtesy of EJH Gallery, used with permission

Living a spiritual life should feel comfortable; after all – on the physical plane one is a spiritual being having a human experience, and “Spirit always sees both sides; the challenge and the opportunity.”

However, this truth based in Reality is usually misperceived, with measurement of growth only evidenced through discomforting aspects – challenges around the “doing.” Instead, the accurate perception is surrounded by respect and humility as an opportune state of “being,” where one is in gratitude for All That Is, and then joins with the blessings of Spirit … becoming one with the flow itself.

“This day, in the depths of meditation, I rejoice to know myself as I really am . . . As a Self-realized soul, aware of my oneness with all Life.” (- Studies in Truth)

Great strength is displayed when perspective shifts to hope and attitude is determined to face life synchronized with the rhythms of nature: The pattern of serenity, acceptance, courage and wisdom. With awareness, one feels compassion for the human condition and recognizes within the equivalent energy system … linked to the Universal power of unconditional love.

Calm from the center is a neutral placement of spiritual harmony. No matter the external patterns or internal flows of energy, there are practices, such as meditation, that can be applied in daily life, so it reflects this statement: “Calmness and sweetness built on a foundation of happiness equals poise.”(- Paramahansa Yogananda)

Living by inner guidance does reflect outwardly. For example, a master teacher can tell at a glance when a person has been meditating with results because there is serenity, poise, an aura of self-completeness. There are integral components, across all three levels of the body that reflect a certain light shining in the eyes and a quiet power emanating from such a person.

In this state of whole and unbroken, there is freedom and protection from fault at one’s spiritual heart center. It is the place available to return to balance and realign with harmony, as stated in this ancient text sourced from Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East:

“Everyone can work it out for themselves. Never use a thought that is not tuned toward Principle. Do not take or try to take something from someone else but bring it out from within. Once worked out, we have learned the rule. We follow our own course, and then we know.’

‘Paths may be presented and ways shown, but, unless we use our own way, we are not going to accomplish it. If we look to others, we are adding energy/power to something that someone else is doing, and we are giving that energy from our body. The moment we present our way, we add energy to our body, and we have energy to spare. That builds up a condition that helps everyone. ‘

‘We build our own thoughts into universal condition that benefits the whole of humanity. It is the energy we add, directed toward great Source that carries humanity on. We make this contribution by building upon our own foundation. Then, we have all the energy in the universe to use. “

What is a quiet and gentle spirit? Understanding quiet and gentle takes on profoundly sacred significance, in a spiritual practice, for where there is gentleness in word, thought and touch; there is an open heart, with the ability to love unconditionally:

  • There is the quiet of no external sound heard.
  • There is also the quiet evidenced in a silence that can be heard in AUM, the sacred and mystical syllable in the Dharmic religions that is used by those who desire to live life with consciousness of spiritual nature.
  • Gentleness of spirit is also known as showing self-control and possessing the character quality “pure in heart.”

The maturation of this internal hearing is worth the diligent effort. It is the pathway to intuition, so one can hear His whisper of how to walk in the proper way. A journey of spirit; it is the process of seeing from the inside to find soul-level peace of heart and mind for “the Lord looks at the heart.” (-1 Samuel 16:7 NIV)

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