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Be Careful What You Wish For, "Warriors"

Every Chief of Police, every RCMP commander in the country should read this article.

Last year's violence in Rexton, New Brunswick is just the beginning. Environmental radicals are ready for war. And they're beginning to state that quite literally.

The Georgia Straight article in question concludes with a chilling quote from radical environmentalist Shannon Hecker: "I don’t want to tell anyone what they should or shouldn’t do. But we all need to be aware that this is a war.”

In Canada, we are at war. Hecker apparently takes this seriously enough to maintain a blog calling itself Warrior Publications.

Given what took place at Rexton -- a massive riot broke out when the RCMP moved in on armed protesters -- law enforcement across Canada should be taking these individuals very seriously. At least, those who are actually interested in doing their jobs.

For her own part, Shannon Hocker -- who insists that whether or not anyone will resort to violence only "depends on your willingness to commit" -- should be careful what she wishes for. After all, if radical environmentalists are at war within Canada, then virtually any one of their gatherings, especially those featuring self-styled aboriginal "warriors," is an act of war.

I doubt Hocker would like it if police began to treat them as such. But if they do, she and her friends only have her to blame.

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