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Be careful of the stories you tell yourself

Thinking Woman
Thinking Woman
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Tuesday, March 11, 2014: When you have an original thought and want to express it, do you have the sense of some authority figure is challenging you? Here’s some food for thought: Perhaps that authority figure is you and the challenge you’re facing comes from within.

If so, don’t be so critical of yourself, don’t give in to self-sabotage, undermine your own self-confidence or the sense of authority over your own life.

The fruits of your labors may not be immediately apparent, but that doesn't mean we should throw in the towel. In the end perseverance will pay off. So even though your thoughts may be confusing and conflicted, and filled with self-doubt. Don’t take it all too seriously or create problems in your mind that don’t exist.

Best advice today: Be careful of the stories you tell yourself, guard against gloomy thoughts and feelings of doubt, and remember that you’re probably seeing the worst in whatever situation you find yourself in. Breathe in and consider the words of Shakespeare, "There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so."

Quote for Today

Maybe Good, Maybe Bad

There was once a young man who came from a very poor family in China. When he was out for the day his horse ran away. On his return, the villagers ran to his father to express their sadness for this financial loss. "Isn't this terrible?" they wailed. The aged father shook his head from side to side and calmly stated, "Maybe good. Maybe bad."

On the following day, the lad went out to hunt for the missing steed and to his great joy he found a herd of wild horses and was able to bring them back to the village. The elated crowd ran to his father and exclaimed, "Isn't this wonderful news? What great fortune!" The sage like elder again merely stated, "Maybe good. Maybe bad."

The next morning the boy went out into the corral to try to break in a horse for himself. In the process he was trampled and made lame. When the townspeople saw his ruined leg, they ran to his father to convey their grief. The reply was the same again, "Maybe good. Maybe bad."

A day or so later the Chinese army came to take all the able-bodied young men away to war.

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