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Be brave... step out of the box and dare to be the YOU you want to be

Out of the box
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Sunday, August 3, 2014: A busy busy day today, but exaggeration rules. So whatever you do... don't bite off more than you can chew, don't make mountains of mole-hills... and don't bite the hand that feeds you. Your animal nature is strong... So... the best way to make it through the day is to monitor your manner of expression and practice a bit of anger management. Keep in mind that being gentle, sensitive and kind does not make you weak.

Consider that the conflicts, anger or feeling of being exposed... no matter what it is or how it plays out in your life... are really the outer world mirroring what's happening inside you. And today your fear of being exposed is clashing with your need to shine. As tension builds, something's got to give. So... Pay attention to yourself. Push yourself to focus on YOU and what YOU really want. Go ahead be brave... step out of the box and dare to be the YOU you want to be.

This year (starting in mid July) is not about holding back or hiding your talents. It's all about loving yourself enough to reveal yourself and share all that guarded inner treasure. Sure there's risk in stepping out of the box, taking the spotlight and revealing yourself in vivid color. But... the rewards will outweigh the risks.!

The question to ask yourself today and every day is: 'What am I willing to do today to step out in life?'"

Today's Quote

Stepping out of our own "box" is essential to living an authentic and fulfilled life. We often don't think we're "ready," we may not know exactly what we're supposed to do, and we almost never have a guarantee that things will work out.

Will we get scared? Of course. Will we fail? Most likely, especially at first. As the cliché says, "no risk, no reward." When we're willing to put ourselves at risk and go for what we truly want in a bold way, amazing things can happen.

Stepping out of our box in life doesn't always involve something big like changing careers, moving to a new place, starting a business, ending a relationship or traveling around the world (although it could). It simply means that we're willing to do, say or act in a way that is new, different and/or vulnerable. When we choose to push past our perceived limits and go for it in life, we always grow and learn, regardless of the outcome.

As you do this, make sure to get support, have compassion and be gentle with yourself in the process. While it can be scary and often counter-intuitive, we're here to grow, expand and evolve, and one of the most important things we can do in this regard to is to step out of our box in a conscious and bold way!

~ Mike Robbins, motivational keynote speaker, coach, and author of "Focus on the Good Stuff" and "Be Yourself, Everyone Else Is Already Taken"

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