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Be both naughty and nice with healthy holiday cocktails

The beautiful Fountain of Youth cocktail by ZICO - ring the new year in young!
The beautiful Fountain of Youth cocktail by ZICO - ring the new year in young!
Poinsettia Cocktail perfect for the holidays!
Poinsettia Cocktail perfect for partying!

Balance is the key to most of life - and one fun way to find that during the holidays is to be both naughty and nice with your cocktail choices.  Have a libation or two - but, make it a healthy one that starts your holiday and your new year off right!

One perfect choice is the Poinsettia Cocktail.  The beautiful red color and the tart flavor of the cranberry that rings true through this time of year - along with that festive name - you can't go wrong.  Just mix cranberry juice and sparkling wine or champagne and you are there - the exact combination is up to personal preference - and garnish with a sugared frozen cranberry!  So, we've got the naughty covered - how about the nice? 

According to the Vitamin's Diary, cranberry juice boosts good cholesterol and is high in antioxidants to protect the heart.  "Recent research has shown that cranberries have the ability to protect brain cells from free radical damage and subsequent motor and cognitive function losses. Cranberries can help protect the brain from neurological damage." 

Cranberry juice helps to keep a healthy urinary tract, keeps the mouth clean from oral bacteria that causes plaque and has proven helpful in the fight against cancers. 

So, maybe go a little heavier on the cranberry part in your poinsettia cocktail this year!

Pomegranate wine ~  from

Keeping in line with the holiday color of red - let's move on to Pomegranate wine.  I tasted some of this at the Fresh Market last week.  It was from Armenia and had a sweet and a tart taste.  I thought it would be the perfect holiday drink - maybe chilled or as a spritzer to lighten it up a bit - or mix it with sparkling wine. 

The New York Times made mention:  "Pomegranate wine from Armenia has plenty of peppery tartness and a sweet fruitiness that enriches the naturally winy taste of pomegranate. It would pair well with a Thanksgiving turkey, venison or chocolate desserts, or make an alluring punch base. Some bartenders mix it with sparkling wine, gin or tequila. Labeled simply Pomegranate, it's about $10-$12 a bottle."  

According to Casa de Fruta wine website:

POMEGRANATE WINE has up to 3 times more antioxidants than red wine! Pomegranate wine has greater protection capacity than red wine on low-density lipoprotein oxidation. Pomegranate is known to be a key antioxidant in modern diet. Antioxidants may be the main source contributing to longevity of life by protecting against cancers and cardiovascular diseases. Pomegranate contains substances such as polyphenols that have antioxidant, anti-viral, and anti-tumor activity.

Pomegranate may also be helpful in maintaining healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and pomegranate has compounds that play a role in osteoarthritis and prostate health. Latest research shows that pomegranate helps to slow down prostate and breast cancers. Pomegranate wine has protective effects toward LDL oxidation, and may be another dietary choice for people who like fruit wines.

With all of these benefits available to us - it will easy to please our friends on either shoulder!  Have fun, be safe and stay balanced!

For more healthy libation ideas:  Learn about the benefits of coconut water and some great recipes for ZICO coconut water cocktails or try mixing up the ZICO Fountain of Youth cocktail to ring in the new year~


  • Roark 5 years ago

    Those sound festive.

    I don't take alcohol and I find that sprakling up some cranberry juice with cold seltzer water makes a great cocktail, a splash of lime makes it better too. Chilling the cranberry, or other, juice, and the seltzer before cobining them seems to make the effervescence last longer.