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Be beautiful and green this Earth Day

Living an eco-conscious lifestyle is essential to ensure that the Earth remains a protected and stable environment to live in. With Earth Day coming up on April 22nd, what better way to go green than by choosing high quality products made with sustainability and the planets well-being in mind? From fashion-forward and eco-friendly accessories by Isabelle Grace Jewelry and UrbanHalo to Pack'Ems reusable snack packs and Squeez'Ems refillable food pouches that promise sustainable snacking, to green gifts and parenting innovations by Prince Lionheart, there are countless opportunities to go green this year!

Be Green & Fabulous With Isabelle Grace Jewelry's Eco Chic Accessories

Earth-friendly accessories are anything but boring, and Isabelle Grace Jewelry has an array of chic, eco-conscious pieces that are sure to please! Isabelle Grace is an elegant jewelry collection inspired by the most important things in life; family, children and love. Company founder Claudia Montez places great importance on living sustainabily and protecting the Earth, and she makes sure her jewelry line reflects those values:

"At Isabelle Grace Jewelry we believe in the beauty and integrity of all of our handmade pieces. All Isabelle Grace Jewelry pieces are made in the USA by local artisans using recycled metals whenever possible. there is no assembly line; no mass production. We are proud to be a part of your story- all jewelry is personalized to you; made consciously by us." -Claudia Montez, founder Isabelle Grace Jewelry

Style Up Your Hair With UrbanHalo's Fashion-Forward & Sustainable Headbands

Colorful hair accessories are always on-trend, as they add a pop of fashionable pizazz to any everyday outfit. Why not style it up with a headband that is both trendsettting and Earth-friendly? UrbanHalo's chic and functional no slip, no sweat, and no headache headbands are made from sustainable waterless ink in the USA and come in a variety of colors and patterns. Eco-conscious ladies will love wearing their Halos for all occasions, whether that be Zumba class, errands, workouts at the gym, or nights on the town with all the gals!

Stay Green And Wholesome With Booginhead's Squeez'Ems Refillable Food Pouches

Squeez'Ems reusable and sustainable food pouches hold your favorite pureed foods so you can eat healthy while on-the-go. From baby food for infants to yogurt and applesauce for kids, to nutrient-packed energy purees for active parents and fitness enthusiasts, Squeez'Ems is perfect for people of all ages and lifestyles! Because they are refillable and reusable, Squeez'Ems are a much Earth-friendlier alternative while you fuel up with wholesome goodness!

They released two new designs (Orange Flower and Chevron) just in time for Earth Day! Now you can stay hip while practicing sustainability!

Squeez'Ems can be easily carried in a gym bag or in a backpack/purse for a healthy snack any time, any place! Many of today's premade pureed food pouches are actually less healthy than they seem, as they contain an abundance of preservatives and sugars. Because Squeez'Ems reusable food pouches can be filled with whatever purees you choose they are a fantastic solution for those concerned over the nutrition content of premade store-bought food pouches! Make several of your kids (or your own!) favorite smoothies ahead of time and store them in the freezer, then take them out as needed for a treat that is both wholesome and good for the environment.

Squeez'Ems pouches are made from BPA, PVC and Phthalate free materials and comprised of just one piece to eliminate the worry over losing parts. It features a new screw top lid that turns clockwise to prevent accidental opening, which guarantees a tighter, 100% leak-proof seal! Squeez'Ems can go from the freezer to the microwave to the top shelve of the dishwasher which makes them easy to use, easy to clean and easy to to store. Squeez'Ems is an innovative invention that has revolutionized healthy on-the-go eating!

Snack Sustainably With Boginhead's Pack'Ems Reusable Snack Bags

Parents everywhere are looking for a healthier alternative to all of the sugar-loaded and preservative-filled premade snack packs available at the store, and Pack'Ems are the simple solution! They give moms and dads a sustainable way to pack wholesome munchies for their little ones. Pack'Ems are perfectly cute, clever and reusable (which beats flimsy and throw away an day).

Pack'Ems are the perfect companion for your diaper pack or your kid's backpack. They come in both large and small and feature a gusseted bottom for easy, stand-up design. They are easy to open and close and unique VELCRO brand Press-Lok patented material. The best part is they are made of extra durable, environmentally friendly plastic that holds up through multiple washes and keeps food fresh longer. They are dishwasher-safe, easy-to-clean, BPA, PVC and phthalate-free. Pack'Ems will soon be available at BabiesRUs stores and onliine at

Practice Sustainable Parenting with Prince Lionheart's Green Baby & Kid Innovations

As parents, our hope is to make the best choices in life for our little ones. For man families, one such choice is to purchase eco-firendly products. At Prince Lionheart, quality craftsmanship meets eco-happy design through the use of non-toxic materials and renewable resources like sustainable plantation-grown birch and bamboo. Prince Lionheart is proud to carry several items for babies and kids that help families commit to quality products that are better for the environment and healthier for kids:

The 2 in 1 Diaper Depot

Made in the USA of recycled plastic, the 2-in-1 diaper DEPOT makes diaper changes a cinch! When you consider how many diapers you change a day--efficiency and ease are invaluable. Not only is it safer, quicker, and more convenient, it also features a space to lock-in any of the Prince Lionheart wipes warmers. It also offers a unique three-in-one changing organizer and 2 removable side bins for toiletries. Easily stash 18-20 diapers in the organizer with plenty of room in the side bins for powders, ointments, and the many other baby needs. It c an also be separated into two diaper stations so you can keep one upstairs and one downstairs. Also included is a detachable hook for hanging. Now if it could just make coffee! It's made right here in the USA from 100% recycled plastic. The 2-in-1 diaperDEPOT can be found at Target and Babies 'R Us.

Warmies wipesWarmer

The Warmies wipesWarmer is designed to work with Warmies reusable cloth wipes--the eco-happy way to wipe. A new three part heating system and specially deigned anti-microbial micropore pillow help keep cloth wipes warm, moist, fresh, and ready for all of Baby's delicate needs.

Warmies cloth wipes are 100% rayon--made from bamboo--the fastest growing plant on Earth. This means that our source is highly renewable. No dyes or bleaches either, so Warmies are safe, soft, and more absorbent than cotton or disposable wipes__meaning you need less to get the hob done! Using reusable wipes for your baby keeps tons of trash out of landfills annually, making Warmies the environmentally conscious way to wipe. The patented everFRESH System helps keep our wipes the freshest they can be to soothe Baby's skin. (Warmies wipesWarmer $35 (includes 4 Warmeis ), Reusable Warmies are $11 for a pack of 8).

The Patented System works 3 ways:

  1. Moisture Retention: The everFRESH pillow keeps wipes moist by an evaporation and condensation process. Micropores in the pillow trap and release water as needed to maintain wipes' moisture.
  2. Non-Browning: Keeping wipes moist prevents most discoloration cause when wipes are warmed. Discoloration also occurs when aloe, lotions, and other additives typically found in baby wipes are warmed over time. The everFRESH Pillow effectively insulates your wipes from the warming surface, preventing browning.
  3. Anti-Microbial: Both the Warmies wipesWarmer's tub and the everFRESH Pillow are treated with an EPA approved additive to inhibit the growth of microorgganisms that may cause spoilage, odors, and mildew.

Chop balanceBIKE, balanceBIKE, and Whirl balanceSCOOTER

The balanceBIKE, Chop balanceBIKE, and Whirl balanceSCOOTER are the perfect transition from ride on toys. Perfect for ages 2-5! Teach your child the art of balance before teaching them to pedal. Independence comes with improved steering and coordination. Designed for a comfortable ride while kids learn the basics of two wheels. Frame made from platation-grown, 100%, solid birch.


Award-winning wheelyBUGS are a totally new concept in ride-on toys and encourage gross motor skills while having heaps of fun. All wheelyBUGS are bright, soft, and have a unisex design-- an instant attraction to little girls and boys alike! Entirely non-toxic and contains no PVC. The high quality construction features a plywood base make from renewable plantation timber. These little ride-ons feature multidirectional castors for wheeling around any which-way. Choose from the whellyHEDGEHOGG Plush (only available in Small), wheelyBUG, wheelyCOW, wheelyBEE, wheelyMOUSE, wheelyPIG.

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