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Be aware that dogs can get poison ivy and poison oak

Where's the bug, where's the bug??  This is annoying!!!
Where's the bug, where's the bug?? This is annoying!!!

Some people may be surprised to know that dogs can indeed be affected by poison ivy and poison oak when romping through infected woody areas. If they contract them, their humans can also be prone to them as well since both poison ivy and oak is highly contagious. It would be wise to consult with your local Rockford area veterinarian as listed below or one closest to your home to discuss the indications and affects of these plants on your pet.

Both poison ivy and poison oak are characterized as plants in the toxicodendron group of foliage. Such a category of greenery is known worldwide for plants that create skin discomforts and irritation. This is due to Urushiol, an oil resin or sap that is within these particular types of plants. When skin from a human or animal comes into contact with this "oil," it causes the itching, scratching and irritation. It may not cause as much discomfort to an animal but when a human touches the pet, the human is easily subjected to the toxins of the plants.

It does not take much for a pet to get the urushiol oil on their fur if walking through an area with these plants. The substance can be sticky and remains on an animals fur for quite sometime, even when attempting to remove it. The best thing to do is to keep pets out of such areas where these plants can be found, which sometimes is easier said than done.

To determine what the plants look like, poison oak has leaves that appear to look like an oak leaf with 3 leaves and rounded edges while the poison ivy also has 3 leaves with edges that appear to be jagged. If your pet comes in contact with these plants, you may witness intense itching, skin that is inflammed and red and possible swelling and bumps on the skin. Some dogs may also go as far as nibbling on the plants, causing some intense diarhea and vomiting.

If your dog does exhibit any of the signs of poison ivy or poison oak on the body or through stomach distress, contact your veterinary, especially if ingested. Treatment of exposure to the plants depends on the severity of the condition. If ingested, your pet may require some hospitalization along with intravenous fluids. For animals that ate large amounts, activated charcoal may be given as a remedy to detoxify the system.

For external issues, bathing the dog for a long period of time may be necessary since it is really difficult to wash off the urushiol. Use a good, protein-enriched shampoo and let sit on the dog for several minutes and rinse well. Repeat the process for another extensive amount of time. Removing all of the oil residue on your pet takes diligence and extensive, long bathing.

Your best option is prevention. When walking pets in areas unfamiliar, keep them leashed and monitor all moves to ensure they don't encounter and investigate anything that could be of harm. If you are not sure of what touched your dog, give it a bath immediately; better safe than sorry.

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