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Be aware of coyotes when hiking through Louisville's Tom Sawyer State Park

Coyote pup
Coyote pup
Peggy Collins

There have been several sightings of coyotes recently at Tom Sawyer State Park according to WHAS11 News. Coyotes are nothing new in the area, but their growth in population is according to local wildlife expert, Jim Strader.

The coyotes have become emboldened going into backyards and killing family cats and dogs. "They're just taking over since April when we had eight or six. Now you might see 30 at a time," says Jim Strader.

Park goers are advised to keep their dogs on a short lead when hiking through the park. 

Jim Strader says, "coyotes aren't new to Jefferson County, but their growth in population is." So he's started taking matters into his own hands with an array of weapons and tools used to lure them into his backyard to kill them.

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  • sharon watterson 5 years ago

    we have coyotes too, on this Island, have seen them run through our yard, important post, thank you

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