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Be a Teacher - A 2011 stable career choice that can make a difference

A  stable career as a teacher
A stable career as a teacher

Education is a booming commodity, even in a recession. Secondary school teachers in the United States earned average annual wages of $51.312 (

According to the 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Handbook, “Through 2018, overall student enrollments in elementary, middle, and secondary schools—a key factor in the demand for teachers—are expected to rise more slowly than in the past as children of the baby-boom generation leave the school system.

Projected enrollments will vary by region. Rapidly growing states in the South and West will experience the largest enrollment increases..." . Teachers who are geographically mobile and who obtain licensure in more than one subject are likely to have a distinct advantage in finding a job.”

SOURCE: Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor, Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011 Edition, Teachers-Preschool, Kindergarten, Elementary, Middle, and Secondary (visited August 2010).

New jobs that are expected to enter the market will help ensure a career future for teachers. About 479,000 new jobs are expected through 2008 -2016, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That means excellent job opportunities for teachers at the preschool through high school level.

Working with kids guarantees you'll never be bored plus you will have the satisfaction of making a real difference in the next generation.

Recommended Training:

  • Early Childhood Education
  • Bachelor's degree plus certification

The median salary for a typical Teacher in elementary school in Charleston, SC is $47,490 (

The median salary for a typical Elementary School Teacher in the U.S. is $51,312 (

Marie Coppola January 2011

Ref: Amelia Gray;

Ref: Occupational Outlook Handbook 2010-2011


  • Profile picture of Carol Roach
    Carol Roach 4 years ago

    excellent hon, teachers are the most important influence in children's lives after their parents

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