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Be a Small Leader

American folk music legend Pete Seeger died a few days ago at age 94. Not only had he helped pioneer the folk music movement of the 1960's, he was a social activist as well, whose efforts helped clean up the Hudson River.

In an interview, Seeger was asked how he feels about America's future. He said that he was optimistic.

But he added "Be wary of great leaders. Hope that there are many, many small leaders."

In his sermon this morning, my pastor Fr. Doug spoke about this point that Seeger made. We often become demotivated by Great Leaders. We pin our hopes on them...and then they let us down.

Look at Congress. Look at our own governor.

Instead of hoping that Great Leaders will do things for us, we should become Small Leaders. Small Leaders, like John Fugazzie of Neighbors Helping Neighbors, are ordinary citizens who see a need and decide to get involved. They step up and do something about it.

Small Leaders act locally while thinking globally. They look at the big intractable problems that we face and, rather than being paralyzed, they take action.

Where can you be a Small leader this year? What can you do in your town or community to help others? What can you do to lift up someone who is struggling?

Are there people who are out of work in your area? Do you have a chapter of Neighbors Helping Neighbors in your local public library? Why not start one?

Note: Here is an update from John Fugazzie on NhN:

Posted on Terrence Seamon on Sunday February 2, 2014

Terrence H. Seamon is a consultant who provides leadership and team development services to organizations. His book Lead the Way explores the challenges of leadership. Additionally, Terry is a job search and career coach whose book To Your Success provides a motivational guide for anyone in transition. His third book, Change for the Better, provides leaders with a guide to initiating, and navigating through, organizational change. Terry co-founded and co-moderates the St. Matthias Employment Ministry in Somerset, NJ. His free whitepaper on job search and transition, called "Galvanize Into Action," is available by sending him an email request. He can be reached at and via his website:

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