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Be a part of 'The Oman House Paranormal InvestigationTour' May 9th and 10th

Attention SoCal residents and beyond: The very haunted Oman house is once again open for tours this coming weekend, May 9th and 10th. Tickets are $145. per person for either Friday night or Saturday night from 9:30 pm until 2:30 am.

As with all Oman House tours, guests will be given a brief history of the area and the home, as well as the reasons that David Oman and many well known paranormal investigators and psychic mediums believe the home is so active with spirits.

The technical part of the tour is led by the awesome guys from SRC Paranormal, who have been personal friends of David Oman for many years. They have every room in the house on camera so that if anything does happen that is not of human origin, it will be recorded. Being a part of this tour allows everyone from the curious, to the novice paranormal investigator, as well as very experienced investigators to see for themselves what really goes on at this very special house.

The Oman house has been featured on various paranormal themed television shows.As the story has been told on SyFy’s ‘Paranormal Witness’, ‘Haunted History’, and more recently, ‘Ghost Adventures’, the activity started while the house was under construction, but really started to escalate after David moved in in 2002.

There are some rather well known experts in the field of the paranormal that will not return to the Oman house. Parapsychologist Barry Taft of "The Entity" investigation has publicly stated that the EMF readings are extremely high in David Oman's home and he will not go back to that house. More recently, the investigators of the "Ghost Adventures" crew did their own study of the home and did not even make it through their lock down. They were visibly shaken by their experiences in the Oman house as is evident in a recent episode of their show.

These tours of the Oman house have been very successful, as the spirits have not let ticket holders down. They have been very active with many guests getting their own paranormal evidence on camera or captured on digital recordings. There are still spots available for this weekend. For tickets, email for Paypal information. -Until next time, ~ Happy Hauntings! ~Traci Otake, Los Angeles Paranormal Examiner

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