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Be a mysterious woman of intrigue when traveling with Smart Bomb Cosmetics

Be a mysterious woman of intrigue when traveling with Smart Bomb Cosmetics
Be a mysterious woman of intrigue when traveling with Smart Bomb Cosmetics
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

Too many times when women travel, they strip down to the most basic of cosmetics and forfeit the wonderful attention that those who put a little more thought into their appearance garner. Here's a good story regarding that:

I used to be Principal Second in Annapolis Symphony when in college. For concerts, I would stuff my long black formal gown, shoes, stockings, etc. into a backpack. In Annapolis, I'd see the girls who came up from the South for dates with Midshipmen, hauling huge steamer trunks. I wasn't giving my own appearance -- though I was the one who was going on stage -- respect! Give yourself respect!

Also when you travel, it's a great incubation period to try out a new look. For Spring, 2014, fuschia lips are hot, hot, HOT! That's why I was glad to be hosted to experience Smart Bomb Cosmetics.

Smart Bomb makes skin care, makeup and body care. It's a line that's not afraid to be frilly, with pizzazz. You definitely feel girly using the different products.

Hollywood Glow is a powder in compact that imparts a sheen that reads as natural skin glow -- not glittery, not pearlized. In photos, skin just looks taut and youthful. You can definitely use this on your body wearing evening wear, which definitely is a plus if you're not traveling with jewelry.

Body Balm -- perfect for 3-1-1 carry-on bags -- is a shea-butter based rich, whipped body balm texture. I would describe it as a mixed melon scent.

BOMBshell Elixer is a unique product on the market. It -- and Sunny Disposition Toning Spray -- are available in 3-1-1 carry-on travel sizes. The Elixer is an emollient in a spray form. Here's what they say about it:

Contains Jojoba, Emu & Tamanu oil. Wonderful for balancing the skin.

Sunny Disposition spray is handy if you're traveling to sunny climes. Here's what they say about it:

Helps balance the skin. May use on a cotton pad after cleansing the skin. Another one of our favorite ways to use this product is as a finishing/setting spray after makeup application. Great also to use on skin that has had too much sun exposure. A heavenly scented spray with essential oils of lime, bergamot, grapefruit and rose. Spray on face throughout the day for a refreshed & uplifted feeling!

I suggest using the spray first, the Elixer, then the spray again: it makes your skin able to hold makeup better.

Who doesn't like the idea of partying like a rock star? Party Like a Rock Star Crème Eye Shadow is easy to use -- you don't even need a brush, a plus when traveling.

Sweet Talk lipstick is matte, coming in both neutral and punchy/fashion forward colors.

You're Such a Smart Mouth lipgloss has a fine shimmer, compliments their lipstick colors. It's opaque enough to use on its own.

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