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Be a great host easily with Eureka's Nut House

Be a great host easily with Eureka's Nut House
Be a great host easily with Eureka's Nut House
Tamar Alexia Fleishman, Esq.

With beautiful weather all over the US, more friends and neighbors will feel free to drop by. It's gracious and charming to set out a little something to eat for your guests . . . and don't you want to be thought of as gracious and charming?

And yet, you want something easy to serve, but unusually high quality. Eureka's Nut House -- online and on -- fits your entertaining scheme whether you serve their nuts with coffee, iced tea, beer or champagne. They're located in Eureka Springs, Arkansas. I was very glad to be hosted to experience it!

With the mixture of flavors, some of the varieties are definitely something to keep in mind for next year's Passover, to make an easy Charoset.

Caramel Apple Walnuts are lightly sweet, apple-y, crispy. Caramel Apple is a classic, delicious, but sometimes hard-to-find dessert flavor.

Caramel Macadamias are rich, slightly salty, slightly sweet. They've got that modern flavor twist that's good as a snack, crushed as a dessert topping or as a mild fish/chicken crust!

Butter Rum Macadamias have a lot of sophisticated, rich, slightly sweet flavor. They're unusual, too.

Toffee cashews are crunchy, with the nut flavor shining through. They're a sweeter variety.

Irish Coffee Almonds are a less sweet variety, with grown-up, roasty taste.

Rocky Road Walnuts have that fine candy box flavor. Try them crushed on plain ice cream!

Apple Pie Pecans are a Southern-style treat. Try them in the Fall with some hot cider or in Summer with a cold, hard cider! They're packed full of apple and butter flavors.

Cinnamon Pecans would be fantastic to bake with. They're full of fresh spice flavor, not the dusty old cinnamon you probably use in baking.

Maple Pecans have a smoky-sweet flavor. These would be great on pancakes, hot biscuits or oatmeal.

Creme Brulee Almond has a toasty, naturally sweet-nut flavor.

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