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Be a dog walker volunteer at a local shelter



Walking the dogs

Volunteers are saints to pet rescues nationwide. Without them, the shelters would not be able to function as well as they do.

If you would like to help a shelter but are not quite sure what you can do, one option is to be a dog walker. We all know that most dogs love their walks. In shelters that house several dogs, it is difficult for the dogs to get their daily walks with limited numbers of staff available.
Did You Know? Volunteering to help walk the dogs not only helps the dogs get their much desired exercise, but also assists in the socializing of the animals. Did you know that you can increase the dog’s chances for finding a forever home by taking it on a walk? 
It is true. 
Teaching the dog to walk properly on the leash will help the dog to learn the necessary skills in order for it to be able to:
·         Walk with its owner on a leash
·         Learn how to behave appropriately when there are other people and animals around
·         Learn commands to help the dog bond better with people
Dog walking is a great contribution that you can make to your favorite pet rescue. Call your local shelter today and let them know you want to help!