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Be a better babysitter

Be the best babysitter
Be the best babysitter
Photo provided by Flicker, Emily Hildebrand

With the anticipated summer break right around the corner, it is that time of year when parents of school aged children to make arrangements for summer childcare. The most important thing that parents look for in their summer child care provider is training, knowledge, and responsibility. That is why the City of Beavercreek is offering a “Better Baby Sitters” class on May 3 and 10.

Does your son or daughter have what it takes to be a great babysitter? Do they know what to do in case of an emergency when they are alone with someone else’s children? If the answer to either question is “no” or even a shaky “yes”, take advantage of this special offer provided by the Beavercreek Parks, Recreation & Culture Department. This two-day class will help the babysitter gain confidence and the skills to handle situations that may occur while babysitting.

The class is designed to teach the responsibilities of having a job, the Rights of a Baby Sitter, CPR for a child or infant, basic First Aid, growth and development and appropriate toys and activities for children. A policeman and a fireman will speak with them regarding safety issues while “on the job.”

Cost: $85 (Resident); $95 (Non-resident) per participant

For more information, contact the Beavercreek Parks, Recreation, and Culture Department at (937) 427-5514 or email View all activities provided at the city website,