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BCA seeks public’s help in finding Level 3 Sex Offender

Dagan Lasart
BCA for public distribution

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension, (BCA,) has issued a Facebook posting announcing that they are currently searching for a Level 3 predatory offender, and asking for the help of the public in this search.

For more information about the term Level 3 Sex Offender and how it is determined, see the following link-

The offender is Dagan Michael Lasart, aka Dagen Lasart. Lasart is 32 years old, 5’8” tall, about 155 lbs with brown hair and hazel eyes. Lasart was convicted of sexual assault, statutes 609.342 and 609.343. For more information about Minnesota statutes, see the following link-

Lasart committed sexual assault against a woman who did not know him previous to the crime. He broke into this woman’s home and used both force and a weapon to gain her compliance.

If you would like to find information about the Level 3 sexual offenders who are located in your neighborhood, go to the following link-

Although Lasart had been living in St. Cloud, he was most recently seen in Bloomington. As part of Lasart’s sentencing, he is required to let law enforcement know of his whereabouts, and when he left St. Cloud without alerting his parole officer he was breaking this agreement.

in 1991 for felony sex offenders. For more information about the Predatory Offender Registry in Minnesota, see the following link-

Some people see this registry is a step in the right direction with regard to law enforcement in sexual assault cases, holding criminals accountable and making our communities safer. Yet others say that the registry was instituted to give people a false sense of security after it was decided that our jails were too full to hold all of these offenders and they had to be released back into society. This criticism is made more powerful by the fact that Level 3 offenders are those who have been declared to be the most dangerous and the least reformed under the criminal justice system. These offenders have been the most resistant to therapeutic goals and other correctional tactics, as well as those who have claimed no remorse for their crimes. In situations like this where the correctional institution has said that the criminal is likely to reoffend, it begs the question- Should this person ever be released back into society?

If you have any information about the whereabouts of Dagan Lasart, please contact the St. Cloud Police at 320-251-1200. Or, you can always leave an anonymous online tip at Crimestoppers-

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