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BC Flyfishers opens to packed house

BC Flyfishers IFFF chapter opened to a great crowd on Thursday, April 24th.
BC Flyfishers IFFF chapter opened to a great crowd on Thursday, April 24th.

The BC Flyfishers IFFF chapter held its first meeting to a packed house. In fact, the downstairs meeting room of the George F Johnson Library in Endicott was so full that there wasn't much room for more seats. All told, 41 people were present. Among the attendees on Thursday night were experienced fly fishers, anglers looking to improve, novices and even a few people checking out what the meeting was all about.

The meeting kicked off at 6 pm with fly tying demonstrations. Kurtis "Mayfly" Nelson tied up his 'one feather fly' in a number of different colors while John Trainor tied some spring steelhead patterns. Some early attendees crowded around the tying table while others socialized. At 7 pm, John Trainor made a short presentation regarding the newly formed chapter, introduced the founding members (Nick DiNunzio, John Trainor, Kurt Nelson, Gary Romanic, and Bob Bruns), and gave a preview of the chapter's website.

John then introduced Kirk Klingensmith, president of the Twin Tiers Five Rivers chapter of IFFF. Kirk was kind enough to attend with two other chapter members and gave a nice presentation on the history of the IFFF as well as his own chapter. The Twin Tiers Five Rivers chapter is in the Big Flats area of NY. It draws its 80+ members from the Elmira / Corning area and was formed in 2000. The chapter is very active, holding 6 to 8 fishing events every year, monthly chapter meetings, and a Fly Fishing Academy held every March. According to Kirk, the chapter has introduced over 1,200 folks to fly fishing!

Right after a free fly raffle, John Trainor took the podium again. John gave a very comprehensive presentation on steelhead fishing on the Salmon River. He presented a nice overview of the river and the three seasons of fly fishing for steelhead: fall, winter, and spring. He then went over rigs and techniques, with emphasis on fishing for dropback steelhead. John's favorite method for targeting these hungry fish as they drop back to the lake, is to swing streamers. And while steelhead will take a swung fly with authority at this time of year, John added that the fishing can be hit or miss as it is all about covering a lot of water and let's face it, the Salmon River is a big piece of water. Unlike the fall, when fish are continually moving up the river, spring dropbacks are spreading out as they move back to the lake, so standing in one place on the river will not get good results. For more complete and detailed notes on John's presentation, go to the BC Flyfishers website, here.

BC Flyfishers will be an active fly fishing club. Members wanting to learn and improve their fly fishing, casting, and fly tying, while making new angling friends and fly fishing in new locations, will find the BC Flyfishers IFFF chapter to be a perfect match. The next meeting is currently scheduled for Thursday, May 22nd, location and agenda to be announced. Stay tuned for more news and information here and at the chapter's website.