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BC Flyfishers hosts its first on-the-water meeting

Joe Goodspeed, pictured here, shows the results of effective nymph fly fishing.
Joe Goodspeed, pictured here, shows the results of effective nymph fly fishing.
Joe Goodspeed /

Living up to its promise, the BC Flyfishers chapter of IFFF will hold its first stream-side meeting this Thursday. The chapter is only in its third month of existence, but has pledged to be an active fly fishing club of the International Federation of Fly Fishers, much like its older sister chapter, the Twin Tiers, Five Rivers chapter in the Elmira / Corning area. So far, it has tried hard to make good with its promise with 2 monthly meetings and several outings. The meeting will start with some brief announcements. Updates on future summer outings will be given along with general news on the chapter.

None other than Joe Goodspeed of the Cortland Line Company will be the featured guest "speaker". Goodspeed is known as an expert nymph fisherman. Not only has he designed specialty nymphing fly lines for Cortland, but he has also designed a fly rod - the Competition Nymph fly rod - for those anglers who want an optimum nymphing rod to go with their high performance Cortland fly line. Joe will give instruction in nymph rigs, flies, and nymphing techniques, that have earned him a lot of big trout. This includes actual demonstration on the water which is something you'll never see from speakers in a general meeting. If you're a diehard nymph fisherman, this meeting is not to be missed, but even if you are more of a dry fly fisherman, this meeting may help you when the trout are nose-down.

Arrive early for this great event. The meeting will start at 6:30 pm at the Gentleman's Club in Deposit, right on the West Branch of the Delaware River. See the calendar on the BC Flyfishers website for specific location and directions. Make a day or evening out of it and don't forget your waders, vest and fly rod. The West Branch of the Delaware has some tremendous fly fishing for wild browns and rainbows. If you've never fished it, this meeting would be a great way to see what the river is like and learn from a master nymph fisherman at the same time.

The BC Flyfishers chapter of IFFF is all about an active membership. The chapter welcomes newbie anglers and non-anglers alike with open arms. And it's always looking for experienced anglers to help improve the chapter's fly fishing opportunities. The chapter leadership asks that anyone attending meetings and events seriously consider joining the IFFF. For $35 a year (membership fees drop for longer term memberships). IFFF membership means access to some great fly fishing resources, a nicely written magazine, decals, great networking opportunities, and camaraderie with some of the finest fly anglers in the world, past and present.