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BC Flyfishers host pond outing

BC Flyfishers get ready to hit the water.
BC Flyfishers get ready to hit the water.
Bob Bruns

Anglers are known to be hesitant about sharing information on their 'honey holes', and for good reason. We all want to help fellow anglers, but share too much information, and one can expect crowds where solitude was once the norm.

This past Thursday evening, a group of a dozen or so BC Flyfishers (some, hopefully future BC Flyfishers) met at the Dollar General in Maine, NY. A very generous BC Flyfisher had offered the chapter an opportunity to bring members to his private pond for an evening of fly fishing. A caravan of cars followed the pond owner way up into the hills of Maine and Berkshire before arriving at a gated entrance along the road.

Little did the assembled anglers know... Beyond the gates, a road led down to a vision of fly angling paradise. Ambling down the dirt and gravel road, a large pond - quite possibly a lake - came into view. The water was flat and shiny as glass, and reflected the green of the forested hills that cradled it. The group's charismatic leader gave an overview of the fishing as the anglers quickly rigged up. "That corner there in the shade - loaded with fish". "The shoreline along that clearing - you'll do well". The leader then set up his rowboat to take a dad and son around the pond while the other anglers headed to distant shores with all of the expectancy of kids on Christmas morning.

A smaller contingent of BC Flyfishers had sampled the fishing previously. Their reports were nothing but glowing. "60 - 70 fish" was a common response when they were queried about their day. My own results certainly confirmed the veracity of these scouting reports. On only my second cast, the water popped and boiled and I soon had a beautiful copper-breasted bluegill in hand. The evening continued at a healthy pace for all of the anglers. Even two little girls fishing with their grandparents from the dock delighted in the continuous action.

Fare for most anglers was mixed. The largemouth bass were there for anglers who put a serious "pop" in their poppers. But bluegills, pumpkinseeds and crappie also rose to almost any fly that was cast. The fishing started around 6:30 pm and continued beyond 8:30 for some anglers.

Hush, was the word. The owner of this private water claims a NY state record largemouth bass and very large crappie prowl his pond. He's had issues with trespassers and for this reason is very careful about who he allows to fish his pond. Members who attended the outing were told, "mum's the word" on the location. For those who'd like a crack at this great water, come to the next chapter meeting and sign up for another secret pond outing in the future.

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