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BC Flyfishers debuts, Coaltown Throwdown looking for volunteers

The BC Flyfishers chapter of IFFF debuts on Thursday, April 24th at 6 pm at the Geroge F Johnson public library in Endicott.
The BC Flyfishers chapter of IFFF debuts on Thursday, April 24th at 6 pm at the Geroge F Johnson public library in Endicott.
BC Flyfishers,

The month of May is a great fishing month. Early season fly fishing gives way to hatches, hungry trout, spawning bass, and dropback steelhead. But the month is also 'event-rich'. Two events, that straddle the end of April and the beginning of May need special mention:

As previously posted, the BC Flyfishers chapter of IFFF is coming to town. If you are interested in fly fishing, you should seriously consider attending this first meeting, tomorrow at 6 pm, at the George F Johnson Library in Endicott. It doesn’t matter if you are a beginner or seasoned fly fisherman. You will find something of interest in IFFF. BC Flyfishers is dedicated to the betterment of the sport of the fly fishing experience for all anglers who fish with the artificial fly. As part of our efforts to educate through fly fishing, we teach: Casting, Tying, Entomology, Fly Fishing Fundamentals, Resource Conservation, and Streamside Ethics. BC Flyfishers will be activity-related and we hope members will feel as if they have gained from their own active involvement. For some it will be in the area of casting, for some it will be in learning about fly fishing, and for others it will be the desire to improve into advanced areas such as in becoming certified casting instructors. Some will find satisfaction through sharing their knowledge with others and teaching newcomers about the sport of fly fishing. For the first meeting, we have invited Kirk Klingensmith, president of the Twin Tiers Five Rivers Chapter of IFFF located in Big Flats, NY to describe the activities and mission of IFFF in detail. And in anticipation of major fishing events of April and May, speakers will review the essentials of Steelhead fishing at Salmon River and cover the early season hatches appropriate for the Delaware River system.

Time is running out for the upcoming Coaltown Throwdown fly fishing competition. A&G Outfitters is still looking for a few good men and women to work as volunteer 'controllers' for next weekend, May 3rd and 4th. This event requires independent controllers to shadow all competitors and to measure and log each fish that is caught. This is a great time for anglers of all experience levels and even non-anglers, to see what 'professional grade' fly fishing is all about. In addition:

  • Lunch is provided both days and all controllers will receive a special thank you prize for participating.
  • Waders are encouraged, but not mandatory (we have some extra waders at the shop if anyone needs to borrow a pair).
  • Your only duties as a controller is to measure and log each fish caught by the competitor.
  • It's a great learning experience for fishing the Lackawanna and fly fishing in general. Consider it following a guide as he or she fishers on a day off!

The Coaltown Throwdown fly fishing competition sessions are:

  • Saturday, May 3rd: 8-11am (morning session) & 1-4pm (afternoon session)
  • Sunday, May 4th: 8-11am (morning session) & 1-4pm (afternoon session)

Volunteers can apply for one fly fishing session, all sessions, or anything in between. Contact the fly shop at 570-489-1650570-489-1650 or at


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