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'BBWLA' spin-off rumors: Is Draya Michele getting her own show?

Rumors about a possible Draya Michele spin-off show have kicked into high gear.
Draya Michele/Instagram

Every since the drama went down with Sundy, rumors that Draya Michele would get her own spin-off show have been swirling. It was even more obvious when Draya refused to take the stage with the other ladies during the "Basketball Wives LA" reunion show. On Wednesday, Sister 2 Sister reported that Draya is very likely filming her own show now.

Draya made a short clip available via social media that shows her speaking at a brunch she hosted for women business owners. She put together and hosted the event, the First Annual Women’s Empowerment Brunch in order to bring business women together in a much more positive way than season 3 of "Basketball Wives LA."

Draya Michele has claimed during the latest season of the hit VH1 reality TV show that she had turned over a new leaf. The former drama queen admits she is older and more mature, having settled into a stable relationship with Dallas Cowboys team member Orlando Scandrick. Despite many attempts to turn down the ratchet behavior on the last season of "BBWLA" she kept finding herself the target of the other cast member's attacks.

Throughout the last half of the season, Draya dropped veiled hints that she would be moving on. She claimed the other ladies often used her for drama because she was one of the most popular cast members and an easy target. This is probably why Sundy came right into the show talking about Draya's past as a stripper and talking trash about her parenting skills. It also might have something to do with Chantel Christie's attempt to gain air time by blowing her interaction with Draya's boyfriend way out of proportion.

In the end, Draya refused to go on the Paris trip with the other women and that was probably for the best. The drama was high as Sundy fought with Brandi and Jackie fought with Malaysia. It seems the women can never go anywhere without the sparks flying and Draya is just done with that part of her life.

Is the filming of Draya's event proof that she has her own series coming out. This isn't enough to definitively say that she has a new VH1 spin-off coming out but based on her popularity, the network would be crazy not to give her one. Probably the best indicator yet that Draya will get her own show was a recent tweet where she said, "Big. Huge. Plans. For. Draya at @VH1!!!"

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