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'BBWLA' rumors: Draya and Chantel Christie battle on Twitter

Draya Michele is always in the middle of the drama and this season of "Bastketball Wives LA" is no exception. On March 4, Mstarz reported of a Draya and Chantell Twitter war with the two feuding after news that Draya's boyfriend might have strayed with Chantel surfaced.

Apparently Draya is not only denying that anything happened between Orlando Scandrick and Jackie Christie's daughter Chantel during their relationship, she is suggesting that Orlando was never even interested in her. Draya tweeted "And to be "dating" some1 .....they actually have to like you.[sic]" Draya then followed up with another tweet, "My boo passed. He said .......or nahhhh."

Then Draya went on to make fun of Chantel for claiming to have washed dishes in Orlando's house. Draya tweeted again in regard to the Chantel Christie drama, "Washed dishes???? Lol hey maid."

It is still unclear if Orlando dated or spent time with Chantel Christie while he was dating Draya or if that happened before the two met. Draya claims the entire episode unfolded before she was dating Orlando and that he was never interested in Chantel anyway. Chantel is acting as if the relationship was never physical but the sparks flying between Chantel and Draya would say otherwise.

In response, Chantel Christie posted a couple of tweets on March 4 directed at Draya Michele. She wrote, "It's so easy to play the victim and say people are attacking you and gain sympathy." This was followed up with a tweet in response to Draya's maid comment. "The first chance to attack someone else that's exactly what happened. #GoFigure #HeyMaid," Chantel tweeted out.

The drama is thick on the latest season of "Basketball Wives LA" and as usual, Draya Michele is planted firmly in the middle of it. Draya contends she has grown up and acts like the drama just finds her. What do you think? Is Draya a trouble maker or is she the victim caught in the middle?

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