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'BBWLA' gossip: Is Sundy fired for cancer jokes aimed at Brandi?

Rumor has it that Sundy won't be back for another season of "Basketball Wives LA."
Rumor has it that Sundy won't be back for another season of "Basketball Wives LA."
Sundy Carter/Twitter

While the woman of 'Basketball Wives LA' were filming in Paris, there was an insane amount of drama as usual. This time though, things went too far as Sundy Carter battled with Brandi Maxiell in the lobby of their hotel. Now according to a Wednesday report by Mstarz, Sundy might have lost her job for pushing it too far.

Sundy has been deep into the drama all season long with well publicized feuds with Draya, Malaysia and Brandi. One of them where Sundy made some disparaging comments about Draya's parenting and her son turned ugly and left Sundy with a black eye.

Apparently Sundy doesn't stop at insulting parents or kids though and nothing is off limits when she's battling it out. While in Paris with the rest of the crew to celebrate Jackie Christie's new cognac, Team Jackie battled it out with Team Draya yet again and Draya wasn't even there. The only relatively neutral party in all the drama was shockingly Brittish Williams, who seemed as stunned as viewers by what went down.

For those who might have missed it, during the trip to Paris, Sundy Carter and Brandi Maxiell got into one of many arguments that happened during the trip. This one took the cake though after Sundy called Brandi stupid. Brandi returned the put down by calling Sundy a few choice names and then bringing up the fact that she had a child with a married man.

As if things hadn't already gone downhill, they definitely jumped the cliff when Sundy started in on Brandi's infertility and cancer battle. She told Brandi, "I have three healthy kids, go have some." Well that was the lowest blow of them all after watching Brandi talk about her heartbreaking battle with ovarian cancer and her struggle to have another child. Sundy is lucky the other ladies as well as the camera crew were able to separate the two because Brandi was mad enough to give her two black eyes.

Draya took to Twitter after the "Basketball Wives LA" finale aired to let people know how disgusted she was with what went down. She piggy-backed on comments made by executive producer Shaunie O'Neal and tweeted this message and people are taking it to mean that Sundy is out of:

Executive Producer Shaunie Oneal is appalled ..... Lol #cleanslate #freshstart #newplayers #switchitup #byegirls

It looks like Sundy finally went overboard on the drama and instead of securing a spot on the next season, she might have lost it for herself. For those who might have missed what Shaunie said. This is what she posted to Instagram after the finale aired:

For the record, as the executive producer of Basketball Wives, I do not condone the extremely mean behavior that took place on tonights episode . The complete disregard and disrespect shown toward people suffering from cancer has made me sick to my stomach and I am extremely upset and disappointed at what I have seen. The five minutes of fame isn't worth it. My heart goes out to @brandimaxwell and the countless cancer patients and survivors who witnessed this reckless behavior.

There you have it. Draya has been over it and wanted Sundy gone long before she blackened her eye. Shaunie O'Neal is the head honcho though and you don't upset the boss. Sundy's drama did escalate as the season progressed. Normally the higher ratings would secure a spot in the cast for many seasons but not when you play so dirty that everyone is appalled and disgusted.

Should Sundy Carter be fired or should she be back next season? What do you think of the things she said to Brandi when they were fighting?

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