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'BBWLA' gossip: Chantel Christie admits the Orlando Scandrick story not all true

Daughter of "BBWLA" star Jackie Christie, Chantel stirred up the entire season with claims that Draya's man was trying to hook up with her.
Daughter of "BBWLA" star Jackie Christie, Chantel stirred up the entire season with claims that Draya's man was trying to hook up with her.
Chantel Christie/Instagram

If Chantel Christie knows anything about blowing a bit of drama into an epic battle, she probably learned from mom Jackie Christie. Most of the recent season of "Basketball Wives LA" centered around Draya Michele's boyfriend Orlando Scandrick and whether he was seeing Chantel on the side. A Sunday report by Bossip reports that Chantel Christie admitted that she dramatized what was actually a very insignificant event.

Chantel admits that the story blew up into something that was beyond what she imagined. Does she not know who her mother is? She probably wishes she had never told her mother and just went straight to Draya herself. Jackie Christie turns everything she touches into a full-blown drama riot.

The bottom line here though is that Orlando Scandrick and Chantel Christie never had sex. They never even got close. Matter of fact, the story that Draya told about Orlando passing her off to his friend is the truest story told. He may not have smashed then passed, as many are saying. But he certainly passed.

Of course the drama hungry Christie was chomping at the bit when her daughter Chantel came to her with even the slightest bit of juicy gossip about Draya and her man. In true Jackie style, she twisted the story up until she made it as scandalous as possible and then served it steaming hot to Draya. Jackie is lucky it was just her friend who ended up with the black eye after the way she treated Draya, someone she still insists is her friend.

The drama was so high this season that Draya admitted her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick was fed up after just one episode and even offered to pay her double to not do the show again. That would be incredibly tempting after the amount of tension on the current season. It would be frustrating to even have a conversation with Jackie. Anyone who watches knows that you can't talk any sense with her. She often turns nice little sit-down dinners into full on brawls because she doesn't know when to quit talking. The amazing part is that after the drama, Jackie is usually the one who has no idea how it happened.

In the case of the Chantel Christie/Orlando Scandrick drama that haunted Draya for almost the entire season, it seems that Chantel is much like her mother in terms of drama and scandal. She admits she used the story to get air time and to draw attention. Like she said, "Why do you guys watch reality TV?" Chantel was just giving viewers exactly what they wanted. After all, Chantel has some new cosmetics coming out and a singer career to resurrect. Who knows, maybe she'll even be featured on a future season of the show.

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