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BBQ Ribs Part 2 - Baby Back Ribs at Chili's and Colter's Bar-B-Q in Arlington TX

“I want my baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.” With that catchy jingle, Chili’s restaurant put baby back ribs on the gastrointestinal map. Where do baby back ribs come from? What’s so great about them? And where can you get them? (See video below for a glimpse of NSYNC singing the Baby Back Ribs song.)

Try some lean, tender baby back ribs at Colter's Bar-B-Q in Arlington TX
Veronica Hobson

Where Do They Come From?
It’s no surprise that baby back ribs come from the back of the pig. What may surprise you is what Craig “Meathead” Goldwyn of has to say about them. He claims they are called “baby” not because they come from young pigs, but because they are shorter than spareribs. Therefore, compared to other ribs, they are baby sized.

What’s So Great About Them?
Baby back ribs are highly valued by diners because they have less fat and are a leaner version of ribs. Fans of baby back ribs prefer them because they are sweeter and their size makes them easier to handle. These diminutive ribs are valued by bbq chefs because their smaller size makes them cook faster.

Where Do You Get Them?
Now that you know how good baby back ribs are, where do you get them? Three of the restaurants in Arlington that serve baby back ribs are:
Chili’s 3830 S. Cooper 76015
Colter’s Bar-B-Q 4435 Little Rd 76016
Colter's Bar-B-Q 1322 N. Collins 76011 

Before Chili’s catchy jingle, most people hadn’t heard of baby back ribs. Now they are a highly valued delight. Visit an Arlington restaurant soon to get your taste of “baby back, baby back, baby back ribs.”

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