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BBQ review: Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q

Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q in Arlington, TX
Cokers Pit Bar-B-Q in Arlington, TX
Photo by-Jason Watkins

Come in, kick back, & eat great barbecue. That’s the slogan that you’ll first be greeted with on the menu at Cokers Pit-Bar-B-Q. Cokers is located across from D-Two Bar-B-Q in the town of Pantego which is totally surrounded by the city of Arlington. Located on the south west corner of Pioneer Parkway and Bowen Road. Cokers offers both dine in and take out options. I prefer to dine in, and sit at the small green and white tablecloth covered tables and gaze at all of the Coca-Cola memorabilia on the walls.

Cokers has all of the barbecue standards available as dinners at a cost of $8.95 except for the rib dinner for $11.95. Dinners come with a choice of two veggies or a baked potato. For the lunch crowd, the same meats are offered in sandwiches just $4.95, or you can add two veggies for a combo of $7.50. If neither of these two options will get you that barbecue fix, Cokers also offers a rib basket and a chicken strip basket. However for those of you with a serious love for barbecue you can also order the all you can eat, any time of day, for a cost of $15.95 (excludes desserts).

For my first time at Cokers, it was the sliced brisket sandwich and the rib basket. The brisket had a good smoke ring, and a light smoke flavor. It was extremely tender and pulled apart quite nicely. The sauce served with it was sweet with a touch of spice with it. The beef combined with a touch of the sauce makes for a great experience. The one thing that could make this brisket even better would be leaving more of the crispy outer bark with that rich smoke taste.

Another good choice are the ribs. The rib basket comes with four ribs and your choice of one veggie. Take a bite from a rib and the meat comes off cleanly, leaving a perfect bite mark. Most places serve ribs that after one bite all of the meat comes with it. Not here, which is why these ribs are amazing! Sauce is served on the side so you can control how much is on your ribs. The only thing that could have made these ribs better is if a dry rub was offered on the side as well.

My experience at Cokers was a great one, and I can’t wait to get back and try even more of their barbecue.