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BBQ Dragon adds fuel in the form of Oxygen to your fire

Get your grill fire going with the BBQ Dragon
Get your grill fire going with the BBQ Dragon
BBQ Dragon

Americans are entering the heart of grilling season and it's great to see that charcoal grills are making a comeback.

There is nothing like the smell and taste of a burger, hot dog, or steak that comes right off a charcoal powered grill.

Now the BBQ Dragon can get your fire going even quicker.

The BBQ Dragon puts a steady stream of fire-fueling oxygen directly right onto your charcoal. You will now be grill-ready in under 10 minutes. The coals will be hotter and ready to go when your appetite hits critical mass.

The BBQ Dragon is basically a charcoal accelerator. It takes a simple concept – adding oxygen to fire - and puts some power behind it.

The cool looking device is battery-powered, hands-free, rechargeable with a micro-USB cord. It work on charcoal grills, pits, fireplaces, wood stoves, smokers, and it's great for campfires.

My advice after trying the BBQ Dragon is to make sure your meat is ready to to be put on the grill because the BBQ Dragon sure speeds up the process of getting coals grill-ready.

Per BBQ Dragon here is what users can expect:

· Makes starting charcoal easier and faster than any other method and its hand-free

· Perfect for any fire – the beach, smoker, or fireplace

· Battery-powered, hands-free and micro-USB rechargeable

· Allows perfect control of smokers and gets dying coals hot again!

Available at: and it's retails for $49.99.

To celebrate this great product and the start of grilling season, BBQ Dragon is offering a free recharge kit, a $30 value, with every BBQ Dragon purchase, while supplies last.

“We’ve had tremendous support and enthusiasm from everyone who has tried our product and we wanted to give something back to show our thanks,” explains George Prior, founder of BBQ Dragon. “With National BBQ Month coming up in May, we encourage barbecue enthusiasts to take advantage of this offer and start off the season right.”

The BBQ Dragon Recharge Kit comes with four BBQ Dragon 2500 mAh NiMh batteries, a professional-quality ribbon USB cable, a convenient wall charger, and that always necessary car charger. You can also charge the BBQ Dragon with your cell phone charger, or even a computer. It will start up to twenty fires on a single charge.

Get it now and get grilling!

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