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'BBLWA': Draya blames Sundy's black eye on alter ego 'Miami'

Draya and Sundy come to blows, one leaves with black eye.

Draya and Sundy came to blows at a pre-Oscar party a few weeks ago. On March 18, Draya blamed the altercation on her stripper alter ego "Miami" according to Mstarz.

It all came to a head at Uptown Magazine's pre-Oscar party. Draya and Sundy began arguing loudly. It was reported that Draya struck Sundy in the face, leaving her with a black eye. Draya struck after Sundy said some offensive things about Draya's boyfriend Orlando Scandrick.

When asked on Twitter if she really gave Sundy a black eye Draya responded, "#BlameMiami ......she's ratchet and on your level. We don't see EYE TO EYE #letsleavedrayaouttathis[sic]" Draya even had #BlameMiami trending on Twitter for a short time.

It's great that Draya can see the humor in all the "Basketball Wives LA" drama but it's obvious that she is getting tired of it. After the confrontation with Jackie about the Orlando Scandrick cheating rumors, it was pretty apparent that Draya doesn't want to hear about the rumors surrounding her whether the are true or not.

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