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‘BB16’ twists: Four weekly nominees for eviction, new ‘Battle of the Block'

‘BB16’ twists: Four weekly nominees for eviction, new ‘Battle of the Block'
‘BB16’ twists: Four weekly nominees for eviction, new ‘Battle of the Block'
Photo courtesy of CBS and used with permission

Big Brother 16” fans found out two of the new twists to the game for this season, and one of them is that there will be two “Head of Household,” or “HoH” players each week. Each “Head of Household” will be responsible for nominating two houseguests for eviction, which means there will be four people on the chopping block each week instead of two.

Julie Chen also announced on “The Talk” on Wednesday, June 18 that there is a new twist to "Big Brother 16" called “Battle of the Block” and that this twist puts even the two “Head of Household” players in jeopardy of being evicted each week. What that means for the “Big Brother 16” houseguests is that alliances may not be beneficial and that “BB16” may be the first “floater-free” season of “Big Brother” ever.
Each “Head of Household” will have their own room and an unspecified set of privileges each week. In past seasons “HoH” winners received a letter from home and a basket of items which could include photos of family and friends, favorite foods, or even a childhood stuffed animal or toy. Winning the “Head of Household” competition guaranteed a houseguest was safe from eviction the week in which they won the honor.

But on this season of “Big Brother” it appears that winning the “Head of Household” competition may only get you your own room, a basket of favorite items and the power to nominate two houseguests for eviction. Another new twist to this season of "Big Brother 16" is something called “Battle of the Block.” The only thing fans have been told about this new twist is that it makes the “Head of Household” players vulnerable to eviction each week, in addition to the houseguests each “HoH” has nominated.

What does this mean for “Big Brother 16” houseguests? It may prove that forming firm alliances will not be in their best interests. In past years alliances allowed for some people to slip through the cracks and go unnoticed, something players and fans alike have called “floating.” An additional “Head of Household,” an additional two nominees and the new “Battle of the Block” competition may finally give “Big Brother” fans what they have wanted over the past several seasons. A game where players cannot just coast through the game, not winning any “HoH” or “PoV” competitions but still winning the $500,000 prize.