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‘BB16’ spoilers: Cody Calafiore performs striptease to cheer up Jocasta Odom

‘BB16’ spoilers: Cody Calafiore performs striptease to cheer up Jocasta Odom
‘BB16’ spoilers: Cody Calafiore performs striptease to cheer up Jocasta Odom
Photo courtesy of CBS Big Brother 16 live feeds and used with permission

Big Brother 16” houseguest Jocasta Odom battled severe dehydration and has been on bed rest. The “Big Brother 16” production has kept a close eye on her and her family has been notified of her condition.

Fellow “Big Brother 16” houseguest Cody has become close with Jocasta and as live feed subscribers watched on Saturday, July 12 at approximately 4:18 p.m. PT, Cody Calafiore performed an impromptu striptease to try to lift her spirits. Cody, a 23-year-old sales account executive and Jocasta, a 33-year-old minister and mother of three, have bonded over shared experiences. The striptease, which was all in good fun, brought a smile to Jocasta’s face.

Jocasta was in the Fire room resting in bed along with Frankie Grande and Victoria Rafaeli. Also in the room were “Big Brother 16” houseguests Donny Thompson and Amber Borzotra. The group was all smiles and Donny made the comment that production was going to need to “cut that.” Cody’s dancing may not be seen on television, but live feed subscribers will tell you that it was all in good fun.

Cody, dressed in a black bow-tie, black vest and black pants, danced into the Fire room and proceeded to so a short dance for Jocasta. He unbuttoned his vest and shook his bottom a little bit for her. The dance even brought a big smile to Victoria’s face. Victoria is often the most serious and quiet of the “Big Brother 16” houseguests.

YouTube personality Frankie Grande, brother of pop star and actress Ariana Grande, was the most excited about Cody’s striptease. Laughing, but surprised, Frankie was caught off-guard by Cody’s dancing. But, Frankie was impressed and jokingly told Cody he was not feeling well either and he needed a dance of his own. The pink-haired Frankie could not seem to get over his surprise, exclaiming “Oh my God!” a few times. At one point Frankie said, “Christmas came early!”

The hijinks seemed to cheer up Jocasta, but only for a bit. When the houseguests left the room she put her arm over her face and started to cry a little bit.