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'BB16' news: Frankie Grande reveals sister and YouTube channel

Frankie Grande
Frankie Grande
Big Brother live feeds screenshot

Tonight things blew up on the "Big Brother 16" live feeds and also on "Big Brother After Dark." On Friday night, Frankie Grande revealed all about his life that nobody knew already. He wanted to try to save himself so while talking to the guys in the HOH room he deiced to admit about his life.

Frankie told them that his sister is Ariana Grande. He also explained that he is Frankie J and a YouTube sensation. He was getting very emotional while telling it all, but he felt like he had no choice. Frankie even called it his funeral. Donny told him that he needs an alliance so maybe they could work together but they didn't agree to do it for sure.

He was being very honest with them. Frankie shared that yes he is gay and he was also on Broadway. Those things about him are true, but he had not shared about his sister and his YouTube channel. He felt like it was time to come clean about these two things. Frankie said that this is his sister's biggest year and that her single just dropped. He is really missing her right now.

Ariana was on her Twitter account right before it happened, but she didn't say anything about it yet. At this point, either she is in shock or she just doesn't know about it yet. It is honestly pretty surprising that it took him this long to speak out about his sister since she is so important in his life.

Zach was so upset he wouldn't even give him a hug. The other guys weren't all happy about the news, but they seemed to take it better than him. Next he decided it was time to tell the girls as well. It could be the week that Frankie just lost any chance of winning this game.

"Big Brother 16" airs new episodes on Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday nights on CBS. It is very possible that it will all be revealed on Sunday's nights show for those people that don't watch "Big Brother After Dark." It will be interesting to see if this hurts or helps Frankie Grande in his game in the "BB16" house.

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