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‘BB16’ houseguest speculation heats up: Half new players and half veterans?

‘BB16’ houseguest speculation heats up: Half new players and half veterans?
Photo by Mark Davis/Getty Images

Rumors about the “Big Brother 16” houseguests continues to heat up and rumors have been flying for weeks. The speculation seems to be centered on a “Big Brother” house with half new players and half veterans.

The rumors keep changing, and the last batch of rumors about houseguests returning for "Big Brother 16" was posted on Friday, June 13 and includes players from “Big Brother 11,” “Big Brother 13” and “Big Brother 14.” There are former houseguests on the list from “Big Brother 8” and “Big Brother 10.” A photo of 10 former houseguests is making the rounds on the internet, though no one is quite sure the source of the photo.

“Big Brother 14” winner Ian Terry’s name is on the newest list of possible houseguests. His name has been included on several websites and Facebook pages lists. One of the rumors fans keep reading over and over again is that “BB14” winner Ian Terry and “Big Brother 15” winner Andy Herren will enter the house together as some sort of team.

Also on the list is Danielle Murphree, who was blindsided by Ian Terry and Dan Gheesling and was the final member of the “Big Brother 14” jury. Another Danielle on the list is Danielle Reyes, also from “Big Brother 14.” Add those to another Daniele on the rumor list, Daniele Donato. There is speculation that Daniele will enter the house with her husband Dominic Briones from “Big Brother 13.”

Also on the list are two “Big Brother 8” houseguests Eric Stein, who was the first “America’s Player” and Jen Johnson, who was the target of frequent insults from Evel Dick. In addition, Johnson and Daniele Donato were bitter rivals. Jen eventually ended up dating Daniele’s “showmance” Nick Starcevic, who also hated Jen. Starcevic and Johnson have since parted company.

Rounding out the list of rumored “Big Brother 16” houseguests are Matt Hoffman from “Big Brother 12,” Kalia Booker from “Big Brother 13,” Kevin Campbell from “Big Brother 11,” Russell Kairouz also from “Big Brother 11” and Michelle Costa from “Big Brother 10.” The houseguests for “Big Brother 16” will not be revealed until Thursday, June 19.

“Big Brother 16” premieres Wednesday, June 25 at 8 p.m. on CBS. The houseguest move-in will be a two night event, continuing on Thursday, June 26.

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