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BB15 spoiler alert: Do ‘Big Brother’ producers manipulate outcome of the game?

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Fans of Big Brother have often wondered if the producers manipulate the outcome of the show by introducing twists and turns and bring back evicted houseguests in order to get the winner they want to have the half million dollar prize. The proof that the BB15 producers might be manipulating the Big Brother game came when Helen and Elissa were chatting on the Big Brother 15 live feeds.

Subscribers to the live feeds heard a conversation between Elissa and Helen on Friday, July 12 that may indicate that the producers added the MVP power to keep Elissa in the Big Brother 15 house and that she may be awarded it every week. Live feed subscribers also heard Helen say that the producers do not want her to nominate Howard for eviction.

Between 10: 33 p.m. and 10:38 p.m. Friday, July 13 on camera three of the live feeds Elissa tells Helen that she knows they are keeping her in the house because they “want the extra vote.” Many took this to mean Elissa knows she will get the MVP power every week. They continue to discuss who Helen will choose as the nominees for eviction and who Elissa will put up if she wins the MVP. Helen whispers to Elissa, and you can barely hear her say, “I don’t think the show wants me to put up Howard” and then Helen points upward and says, “Because I don’t want to get yelled at.” Seconds later, the Big Brother 15 live feeds went to the “We’ll Be Right Back” fish tank on camera three.

In addition, the BB15 producers called Elissa into the diary room and she was given the MVP for the third week in a row. Even though Big Brother live feed subscribers in the chat rooms were confirming that they were voting for Helen or Amanda to receive the MVP this week, Elissa received it again. This led to even more speculation that somehow the Big Brother production team manipulates the outcome and winner of Big Brother.

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