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BB Webb creates Carl House to deliver extraordinarily memorable events

BB Webb enjoying afternoon sun at Carl House.
BB Webb enjoying afternoon sun at Carl House.
Sam Dobrow

BB Webb started her career in theater. When she moved away from the city lights to the quiet countryside in Auburn, Georgia, just outside of Atlanta, she started thinking about a world of possibilities. Having acquired a historic house in need of restoration, BB had the idea to create a theatrically detailed venue for the most memorable events, and especially for wedding events.  The entire inside of the house was gutted and rebuilt using authentic materials from old brick to old wood for floors and ceilings. Six months later Carl House emerged but the facility is only part of the story. BB employs a talented staff from a general manager to an in-house catering chef who work with clients to attend to the smallest of details. According to BB, "We're here to create the most extraordinary and memorable events at Carl House."

Although Carl House is an ideal location for weddings, it serves as a wonderful and memorable venue for other events including fundraising, corporate meetings, anniversary parties, retirement parties, theme parties and large group events. Carl House is set up to work with brides and wedding planners by allowing them to use their own suppliers but offering suggestions and event management when there is no preferred vendor.

With the hiring of a new general manager, BB is moving away from the day to day operations of Carl House and focusing on more strategic issues such as community relations, branding, marketing, publicity, strategic partnerships, speaking engagements, and overall vision master for the business. BB attributes her success to her passion and tenacity in addition to surrounding herself with good people.  She is also a believer in positive thinking. When faced with serious challenges, she continues to move forward "as if" key issues were not roadblocks. She doesn't take "no" for an answer.

BB doesn't look at a typical customer according to demographics. She says the best customers are the ones who walk into Carl House and have an immediate sense of excitement about the venue and develop a synergy with the staff. "When they [customers] feel attached to the beauty, history and culture of Carl House it is easy to work together...  to help them realize their vision for the event."

BB has an even bigger vision for Carl House than just being a benchmark for event venues in the southeast. She wants to partner with a hotelier to build overnight facilities on the adjacent property. This could go a long way toward making Carl House a destination rather than just an event venue.

BB has both graduate and undergraduate degrees in theatrical arts. She studied at LAMDA (London Academy of Music and Dramatic Arts), but attributes her passion for theater to the time when she studied under the famous performing artist Tony Montanaro.  Over a decade ago BB wrote, produced, nationally toured, and performed a one woman play "Through Ruby's Eyes".

Now that the demands of renovating and launching the Carl House business are less challenging, BB and her new business partner, Dana Popoff, (of 'Good Eats' fame), are launching a PBS television show "Savvy Women: Redefining Business". It seems that the entrepreneurial bug has bitten BB and she's on a roll. BB is a high energy personality which the public will soon meet when she hosts her new TV show but there is also a private side to BB that enjoys hiding out in the forest with six animals, hanging with creative minded people, and enjoying a glass of wine while engaging in "possibility thinking".  BB's personal vision is to "magnify the possibilities of others" and that will be a big theme in the show. BB also enjoys writing and blogging.

You can learn more about BB and Carl House at or

Photography and reporting by Sam Dobrow. Sam Dobrow is a freelance writer and photographer based in Atlanta, GA. For more information on Sam Dobrow visit