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Bayside Fire Station work starts Fall

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Plans to build Fire Station No. 2 on the western waterfront stand at a go, five years after the construction plans were near done. Civic San Diego will fund the old redevelopment project designed to keep the Fire Department ready to handle waterfront property calls using excess redevelopment bond earnings and development impact fees.

City councilmembers, this week, approved 406,684 dollars in construction funding for the multi-million dollar project.

The Fire Chief agreed with Civic San Diego in March to restart the project put on hold after the redevelopment agency was dissolved. Work will start on the downtown project at Pacific Coast Highway and Cedar Street after the construction plans are finished in September, and, the city council puts the project out to bid in Fall, and contracts the work. Twenty eight construction workers will get the Bayside Fire Station build done.

Engine 201 company will move from Fire Station No. 1 downtown to start fire service at Fire Station No. 2 in late 2016. The fire service location will lower waterfront response times that have stayed too long. Full downtown coverage has not been depended on in San DIego.

The old Redevelopment Agency and the Fire Department decided downtown needs two new fire stations to widen the service coverage. One on the waterfront. And, one in north East Village. A plan for a new fire station in Little Italy has been in the Center City Community Plan since 2006.

Bayside construction guarantees the Fire Department can do better work keeping downtown safe and livable. The fire responders will not experience railroad track crossing delays leaving from the station west of the railroad tracks. A location only a block away from the Harbor Drive line to waterfront properties.

Construction workers will demolish the 1 story fast food restaurant on the station's corner across from the County Administration Building at 1600 Pacific Highway. Civic San Diego owns the property.

Twelve department workers will work at the station. The 3 story building will have fire vehicle bays, and living rooms and a kitchen. Fire workers will stay in sleeping dormitories. Workers will build office space, and, an exercise room at the station.

Below ground parking will keep worker vehicles close.

After Engine 201's company starts work at the Bayside Fire Station, a single engine company will handle fire service runs at Fire Station No. 1 in the old engine.

The new station is designed to get an LEED certification. Construction workers will build a green roof and install a solar energy system.

THis is the latest telling news for High Times on Friday.

Happy Fourth of July San Diego! Keep the fun safe at the bays and beaches. And, enjoy the fireworks!

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