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Bayou City Reviews: Discussions on Houston Hip Hop

About a week or so ago I came across a link on twitter that led me to what I think is going to be the next great thing in Houston – Bayou City Reviews. When I watched the first video I had no clue that I was going to be hooked.

Bayou City Reviews are a group of guys, Ryno, Bizzle, and Dub, giving their honest, no holds barred opinions on mostly Houston based music. The first video I clicked on was a review on Marcus Manchild’s Turbo Life. Let me tell you that I was totally blown away at their complete honesty. They didn’t say something was bad and then backdoor with an excuse. They kept it real. They held on to their opinions and explained why they felt the way they did. This review had me stuck on their youtube page for almost half of a day watching what they thought about Houston artists from Boston George to Doughbeezy.

My favorite review would have to be Dustin Prestige’s Dharma. I had heard of Dustin before but hadn’t checked out his most recent project. This review made me go download it right after I watched it. The most entertaining review had to be the Kirko Bangz Progression 3 review. I stole a lot of quotes from Dub & Bizzle on this episode. In conclusion, for all of those that feel like people are not honest in their opinions of Houston music you need to watch this show. I applaud these guys for what they are doing and I’m hoping everyone will catch on and support them.

Check out their Youtube page!

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