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Bayonne defeats Immaculate Conception

Bayonne vs. Immaculate Conception
Bayonne vs. Immaculate Conception
Reggie Malz

Bayonne defeated Immaculate Conception, 32-29, in high school girls' basketball.

Bayonne's Yesenia Montalvo
Reggie Malz

Bayonne's defense kept Immaculate Conception from scoring in the first quarter; the end of first quarter score was 5-0. Bayonne's Yesenia Montalvo has a quick release. She finished with 9 points, 4 rebounds, 4 steals, and 2 assists.

With 2:48 left in the half, Immaculate Conception took the lead, 14-13. Ic's Samantha Fuehring worked to bring the ball up, get it inside, and cut hard to the basket. She had 11 points, 7 rebounds, 1 assist, and 1 steal.

At the half time, Bayonne led 15-15. Bayonne's Desirae Vasquez is very strong. She can play both the guad and post positions. She had 5 rebounds, 3 steals, 1 assist, and 14 points.

At the end of the third quarter the game was tied, 24-24. IC's Jasmine Gee worked hard to get rebounds. She finished with 9, plus 1 steal, 1 assist, and 6 points.

The fourth quarter continued to go back and fourth in score. With 4:46 remaining in the game, Desirae Vasquez from Bayonne fouled out.

Under 2 minutes IC trailed by 2 points when Khay'la Latimer hit Samantha Fuehring at the high post. Fuehring saw an opportunity to hit Jasmine Gee who was on the block and she tied the game, 29-29, with 1:42 remaining. Bayonne went back down and attempted to score, but lost the ball. Immaculate Conception worked to get the ball back down the court, but lost control of it and called a time out with :20.4 seconds remaining. Immaculate Conception then attempted to inbound the ball from just above the foul line extended, but wass called for a back-court violation. Bayonne inbounded the ball, got it to the corner, and hit a three-point shot with 6 seconds remaining.

Immaculate Conception Stats
Jasmine Gee - 5 DR, 4 OR, 1 S, 1 A, 6 PTS
Samantha Fuehring - 3 DR, 4 OR, 1 A, 1 S, 11 PTS (3/3 FL)
Paige Frankel - 1 DR, 1 S
Breyenne Bellerand - 3 DR, 2 OR, 2 S, 3 PTS (1/2 FL)
Whitney Ly - 3 DR, 1 A, 4 PTS (1/2 FL)
Khay'la Latimer - 2 DR, 1 A, 2 S, 2 PTS (2/2 FL)
Kaitlin McGeown - 1 DR
Autumn Webster - 2 DR, 3 PTS

Bayonne Stats
Nia Williams - 2 DR, 2 OR, 3 PTS (1/2 FL)
Madison McClone - 1 DR, 2 OR, 1 S, 3 PTS (1/2 FL)
Desirae Vasquez - 5 DR, 3 S, 1A, 14PTS
Yesenia Montalvo - 4 DR, 4 S, 2 A, 9 PTS
Meghan Seminiak - 1 DR, 2 OR, 2 A, 1 S, 3 PTS
Sharonda Fiedtkou - 1 OR

DR = Defensive Rebound
OR = Offensive Rebound
S = Steals
A = Assists
B = Blocked Shots
PTS = Points (total points scored)
FL = Foul Line (amount made, amount taken)

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