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BayHolla the hottest female rapper in Boston!

Bay Hollas Movement
Bay Hollas Movement
Bay Holla

Sharrell "BayHolla" Jacobs is the #1 Female Hip Hop artist  in Boston bringing you that hot fire!  She has received national media recognition in the "Boston Herald" (statewide newspaper) for her multi-talents.  Ms Jacobs is definitely dominating the music scene throughout the city of Boston.

Previously know as "Relly Rel" she was brought up in Roxbury Mass, a part of Boston  in the Orchard Park (OP) Housing project which was recently renamed Orchard Gardens Estates.  Growing up in a neighborhood with no positive images, or role models she found herself surrounded by all types of drama, and violence.  At age nine she started performing in the neighborhood, at local parties, and events. 

Music was her passion and spread like wildfire through out the city and surrounding areas.  In 1997 Michael Bivens from BIV 10 Records was(one of the members of the group New Edition) who also grew up in Orchard Park, and  brought her into the music industry as the first female rapper of his new "Boston's Top Ten" rap group. 

After starting "Bayholla Movement" she began working on solo projects and collaborations as well.  She made her stand in the city of Boston with the help of Jam'n 94.5's DJ On&On who put together the 1st Jam'n 94.5 Launch Pad compilation disc, featuring all of the hottest rap artists in the Boston area.  She has also collaborated with celebrities such as Billy Danze from the rap group M.O.P, Big Shug, Buda Future and more.

Very persistent, and determined "BayHolla  continued her work with various local underground artists such as J-Hunt, Mass Pike Miles, Frankie Wainwright, and more.  She has also starred in the new Rick Ross video featuring Mass Pike Miles.  Being an exceptionally talented female she decided to take on acting roles, she landed a part in a new Boston based film titled "Business is War".  With her amazing talents, and accomplishments she will play a star role in a new film titled "Hate in Her Eyes" as a heroin addicted mom.

Seeing how hard it was to grow up in a tough neighborhood, and society BayHolla started an "Advocate for the Youth program called "I 4C A Better Me".  This program was developed to teach youth about themselves, and the issues of everyday society.  She has also participated on the Women's Hip Hop panel at Berklee College of Music/ACT as well as the Roxbury Hip Hop Empowerment Summit.  Invited to The Boston Foundation's, she had the opportunity to enjoy a private luncheon with the cast from HBO's hit series The "Wire".

Doing her thing in the fashion industry BayHolla has modeled for a variety of local clothing companies, such as Antonio Ansaldi, Handsome Boy, DON Clothing by DUR Photography.  Bringing on the heat in Boston, and taking it to another level she was featured in the New Jersey #1 Magazine "Grindahz", with features also in New Englands own Probe Magazine as well as Official Magazine.  She is also featured on as the Massachusetts rap representative.  Jam'n 94.5 recently invited her to the Launch Pad show with DJ On&On allowing her to rap a hot 16-bars for  Roc-A-Fella Records Beanie Sigel.  Sigel quotes "Boston got that fire".  She also just recently received a position with JRL Booking as the representative for New England's cypher Part 1.

With her determination at an all time high, she is headed to the top. Bringing a new flavor to hip-hop the world need to recognize, and get ready for BAYHOLLA! 

Contact info for BayHolla: 617-515-6757, Email:,,,,,,


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