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Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue helps Faye find her way home

The Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue recently helped a lost dog, named Faye, find her way home. The rescue was contacted a few weeks ago by a person who found a lost dog and learned about the rescue from a pet store. At the time the rescue was told that the dog was about a year old and a fawn colored female German Shepherd.

Faye found her way home thanks to the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue
Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue

In mid-April the rescue received a separate and unrelated call from a woman asking for help finding her lost dog. She described her missing pet as being a three year old female German Shepherd with the standard black and tan coat.

When the rescue compared notes about the descriptions of the dog, despite the differences in description, they somehow wondered if it was possible that both people were talking about the same pet. Acting on their hunch, the rescue asked the worried owner to take a look at the missing dog reported to them by the rescuer. One week later it turned out that Faye was indeed the lost German Shepherd who was found by the first caller. Thankfully, she was reunited with her owner, and came back home.

This act of serendipity has a very happy ending thanks to the help of the Bay Area German Shepherd Rescue, the person who contacted them, and Faye’s owner who decided to ask for help in locating her dog. Certainly in this case it pays off to act on your hunches. Welcome home Faye!

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