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Bay Area Company Seeks To Dominate MMO Genre

Gazillion Entertainment and its umbrella of four studios are gearing to take the MMO world by storm with select titles.
Gazillion Entertainment and its umbrella of four studios are gearing to take the MMO world by storm with select titles.
Gazillion Entertainment

San Mateo, California based Gazillion Entertainment is keeping tightlipped about their inner workings, but, one is for sure – they are gearing up to dominate the MMO game space. Gazillion has just recently received a $60M injection from investor Temasek Holdings to undergo “a key phase of expansion.” With a total of three known MMOs in the works, this expansion may be of a hand that soon grips the genre with the unrivaled strength of a juggernaut.

To get a clear sense of Gazillion’s titanic strength, one only needs to look on the company’s website. On the Company, Studios & Services section, one finds there are four studios under the Gazillion umbrella – The Amazing Society, Gargantuan, NetDevil and Slipgate Iron Works – all working on their own MMO title. More impressive is the amount of talent buzzing through these studios. To name a couple, former Blizzard North president and Diablo design lead David Brevik, and ex Microsoft Game Studios general manager Stuart Moulder.

As for the MMOs themselves, Gazillion positioned itself to take the gaming world by storm through agreements with the likes of Marvel and LEGO. Already released is LEGO Universe. Entering the gaming space behind successful titles such as LEGO Star Wars and LEGO Indiana Jones, Gazillion was able to take the hallmarks of great gameplay and simplicity that made these console and PC games so popular and translate them into a successful, critically acclaimed MMO title.

For Marvel, Gazillion studios are currently at work on two titles: Marvel Super Hero Squad Online and Marvel Universe. The former title reared its head at PAX West this year and offered players a quick demo with classic characters such as Spider Man, Cyclops and Iron Man. Those who are familiar with the Super Hero Squad TV show may be turned off by its cutesy cartoon style; however, the fact that the MMO will be free to play and that the gameplay is ultimately addicting (yes, this examiner got his hands on it at PAX) may at least have you giving it a try. Marvel Universe, while there are no details at the moment, looks like it will be providing the mature Marvel MMO – perhaps something rivaling DC Universe Online.

Then there’s NetDevil’s Jumpgate Evolution. This MMO is focused on high speed and high adrenaline dog fighting in space. It wowed many at E3’s 2010 show with its superb graphics and action. This one is definitely for hardcore gamers.

Gazillion Entertainment is the company to watch in the coming years. Once these games start dropping (with the exception of already released LEGO Universe), you may well see a big shift in power in regards to the MMO game space.

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