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Bay Area Ambassador E40 releases video Bamboo in black and white

Bay Area Ambassador of the Hyphy Movement, E40, released his video for Bamboo this week; a hot new song off his Block Brochure 4,5 and 6 album that was released earlier this year. The creative spin on this particular video is that it was made in black and white, making the graffiti filled alleys and lighting stand out well for the shoot.

One look at that break dancers in this video and you know they must be from the Bay, you can see it in the style of the dance moves sliding across the screen. I'm a huge fan of how e40 always infuses dope dance scenes into most of his videos, the particular type of pop n lock style breakdancing seen here is signature to The Bay.

One thing I always enjoy seeing is the home team winning and this year has been one win after the other for E40. First he released The Block Brochure 4, 5 and 6 album, then he launched the Earl Stevens wine collection, next we seen his previous videos Chitty Bang and on my sh*t released, and now fans have the Bamboo video to enjoy. A win-win situation all around, so someone tell the DJ to keep the music spinning.

Recently E40 has had the internet buzzing with his Texas Invasion Tour alongside fellow legendary rapper Too Short , Hmm... I wonder how many shows these two have performed at together in a lifetime? Well, this time around they shared 10 dates with a small army of indie rappers from Dallas to Lubbock, and everywhere in between in the Longhorn state.

One thing is for certain, 25 years have passed since Sick Wid It Records hit the scene and just like his fine wines, E40 has no doubt become better with age. Rarely in the music industry will you find an album where every single song is a hit and in my opinion is what makes Block Brochure 4, 5, and 6 creatively unique in it's own right. Typically I'm privy to receiving new music releases from both independent and mainstream labels, but to keep things absolutely 100, I'm delighted to spend my money on anything E40 releases regardless if I've received record service or not. I've been bumping both Block Brochures albums since they were first released and I'm pleased to see that Sick Wid It Records selected Bamboo for a video, it's one of the dopest songs on the album.

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