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BaubleBar: Fashion bliss on a budget

BaubleBar hits fashion high note
BaubleBar hits fashion high note
Photo credit: Courtney Hartmann

BaubleBar has achieved a satisfying level for the online shopper who is looking for something that looks the same in person as it does online, offers an affordable price point, and has a selection where there is something for everyone.

The jewelry source has succeeded on all counts making this online treasure trove a must have for any person wanting to make a stylish addition to their wardrobe that won’t put too much strain on the bank account. Statement pieces that are sure to spark a conversation are among the more popular selections on the site, but there are delicate chains, customizable pieces, and jewels that fit all styles and personalities.

The beauty of the site is that it is dedicated to its products: how they’re presented, how they’re shipped, and suggestions for how wearers can incorporate them into their wardrobes. Jewelry comes shipped in a cloth bag making each piece seem special, perfect insta-gift wrapping if giving jewelry to others.

BaubleBar offers its U.S. shoppers free shipping and free returns, and subscribers can receive email alerts to special flash sales where items have been known to be as low as $10. The pieces are unique and colorful, can be dressed up or dressed down.

For my first BaubleBar experience, I chose two necklaces. The first: a colorful, yet simple and small pendant that can be worn for everyday, while still elevating an outfit. The second: a bold statement necklace meant for a variety of outfits to change the look and add character. The pieces are timeless and will last through the fickle trends of fashion to be worn for years to come.

Ways to wear a statement necklace include pairing with:

  • cuffed jeans, fitted tee and flats or sandals
  • solid color dress, jumpsuit, or pantsuit
  • mix and match of bold prints, using the necklace to pull the look together

If you are new to BaubleBar, take a look around the site first to get an idea of the price point you want to stick with and what key pieces catch your eye. Next, think about the items already in your wardrobe and how you might wear the pieces. Don't buy jewelry simply because it's on trend. Buy it because you love it and want to amplify your basic clothing staples. Step outside the box and have fun with fashion.

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