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Battlestar Galactica headed to the big screen

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Universal is working on a movie version of the popular “Battlestar Galactica” franchise. The original series creator, Glen Larson, will be producing the upcoming film, and writer Jack Paglen (“Trancendence”) will write the screenplay.

The new movie will not be like its predecessors. The original Battlestar Galactica aired in 1978, with three other tv series – “Galactica 1980,” and the reboot “Battlestar Galactica” in 2003 (which ran for four seasons) and “Caprica” (which only ran one season). A web series, “Battlestar Galactica: Blood & Chrome” was released in November 2012 in ten 10-minute episodes, then it aired on February 10, 2013 on Syfy as a televised movie.

Variety reports that the studio wants a “complete reimagining of the story.” Of course, all of the BSG franchise is based on a group of planets known as the Twelve Colonies. After a cylon invasion, the survivors flee into outer space on a ragtag collection of spaceships led by the last battleship, Battlestar Galactica, as they search for the thirteenth colony, a planet called Earth.

Little is known at present about the new movie, but as information becomes available it will be reported here.