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Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer - a review

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer is quite possibly one of the best Christian novels that I’ve read. Perhaps it was because of the timing that the book was introduced to me that makes it one of the best…I’m not sure. God seems to know what He’s doing when He’s doing it - a concept I struggle with daily. Because of that constant struggle for control, I found myself in an emotional mess not long after I started attending church again. I’ve learned that how we think results in how we feel and many of our thoughts are not our own. While ultimately we choose how we live, we’re being influenced by forces we simply can’t see (the devil is not a cartoon created by South Park; he’s really real and really dangerous - but Jesus is bigger). Thanks to Jesus and Meyer’s willingness to say yes, I now know the mind really is the battlefield (p.12).

Battlefield of the Mind by Joyce Meyer
FaithWords (1999)

Meyer discusses true spiritual warfare that happens in our minds that eventually can end up taking root in our hearts if we aren’t guarded by Christ and His Truth. There are three parts to her book: the importance of the mind, conditions of the mind, and wilderness mentalities. In the first part, she covers what spiritual warfare really is and how important is it that we think about what we’re thinking about (p.63). Who thinks about what they’re thinking about? I know I sure didn’t before reading this book.

The second part covers different types of minds: a wandering, wondering mind, a confused mind, a doubtful and unbelieving mind, an anxious and worried mind, a judgmental, critical, and suspicious mind, a passive mind, and finally the mind of Christ. I’ve personally dealt with all of these types of minds but the two that I’ve found myself in the most were an anxious and worried mind and a judgmental, critical, and suspicious mind. I’ve fought anxiety ever since I was a little girl and the combination between my job training and my upbringing in who I thought God was (not anyone’s fault other than the devil and my own), I became a very judging, critical, and suspicious person at heart. Reading this book called it out in me and now I get to take steps to change that.

While the first two parts were monumental shifts for me in just bringing about some clarity, the third part was my favorite: wilderness mentalities. It was my favorite part because of the truth given but it was also hard to read. Some chapters took everything in me to get through them and it wasn’t because Meyer has poor writing skills, but rather the opposite and the workings of the Holy Ghost in me in the middle of the battle. I find it totally ironic that the Spirit led me to the chapters I needed to read at exactly the time I needed to read them. At first I was reading like a chapter a day and just buzzing through this study, but then toward the end, I tapered off but there was a reason for it - it was about His timing and it really is perfect.

If you’re struggling with emotion control, I highly recommend Battlefield of the Mind. Meyer’s been given a gift in presenting the Truth to people in real ways and she and Jesus will help you find clarity in the middle of your wilderness. Happy reading.


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