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'Battlefield Hardline' trailer leaks and gives away the goods

Battlefield Hardline” is quickly proving to be the most leaked game of 2014. An internal trailer for the PS4, PS3, Xbox One, Xbox 360 and PC cops versus robbers shooter leaked early Wednesday morning to give away most of what Electronic Arts planned to announce at E3.

'Battlefield Hardline' Leaked Trailer Images-slide0
Electronic Arts

First spotted on NeoGAF, the first thing to notice about the trailer is that it is named “Omaha,” which was the internal codename for “Battlefield Hardline.” The second thing to notice is that it is clear that this video was not meant for public consumption and there’s no telling how old it is. The graphics are not quite up to the level of “Battlefield 4” and there are missing effects, objects, lighting, etc at different point of the video but as the watermark of the video helpfully reminds, it was not meant for distribution.

Despite the missing bits in the graphics, the seven minute trailer does give a good overview of what to expect with “Battlefield Hardline.” The new multiplayer gametypes include the “Heist” mode which has the robbers trying to raid a bank vault and take off with the money while the cops try to stop them.

Meanwhile, “Rescue” sends in a squad of SWAT officers to attempt to safely recover hostages from a robbery gone wrong. “Hotwire” sets up a big car chase between the police and the criminals across an open environment. “Bloodmoney” has both the cops and the criminals fighting over a big stash of cash that must be captured and returned to either side’s safehouse.

There is a single-player mode as well with Visceral Games attempting to bring their past experience into the “Battlefield” universe. The main character is Nick Mendoza, a Miami detective who goes on a cross country hunt to take down his former partners in the police force. The entire campaign is structured like a TV cop drama with each mission structured like a TV episode complete with a cliffhanger. It includes a cast of actors from “Justified,” “The Americans” and “House of Cards” though specific actors are not yet named.

Destruction has been a hallmark of the “Battlefield” franchise and that will return in “Hardline” in the mix of urban and open environments. There are multiple Levolution events as well with building destruction and a sandstorm shown in the video.

Obtaining weapons and unlocks appears to be a cash based system based on a brief glimpse of an in-game menu. How closely this mimics other systems like “Counter-Strike” or “Payday” remains to be seen.

In all, it looks like Visceral Games is taking the mechanics of “Battlefield” and mixing in the criminal mayhem elements from the likes of “Grand Theft Auto” and “Payday.” At the very least, it is a different spin on the first-person shooter that will help keep some of the “sameness” at bay as Electronic Arts seeks to annualize the “Battlefield” franchise.

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